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December 13, 2009


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It is so extravagantly Art Deco isin't it? Great shots and what a sunny place to be.

Lovely shots from a lovely place, Sam! Would love to visit myself!

Have a great weekend!


You're right, he does look very content!

It is odd to see a bat during the day. He is folded up nicely as he snoozes. I like the archer setting up for his next arrow. This is a beautiful park, the fountain for Apollo has a wonderful pattern of water jets. This is a fine place to relax while taking in the beautiful sights!

The little flying fox is the cutest! I like that he was sleep twirling.

Oh, goodness, I love bats! What a fabulous surprise, seeing him hanging like that. Thank you!

That bat looks like an upside-down icecream cone swinging from the tree! Is it usual to see bats during the day there? I never see them here. That's quite some fountain! I liked all the information about it you provided too! How neat it would be to have a fountain built after you. Now I can't remember if I've ever visited Hyde Park while in Sydney. I never noticed that fountain, so maybe I didn't. I'll pop it on my list of things to see for when I'm next there. Happy Sunday Sam!

yes, blur your eyes and you could be in paris!

i'm doing a little christmas give away - you should enter :)

Great shots Sam~
Bats are the most misunderstood animals I think...quite amazzzing I have to say!
Lovely Sunday to you & your bf+kitties~a.k.a your loved ones!

Great shots. I really like the first one!

the bat is cute, people think I'm odd but I like bats

the bat, surround by shadow and light. wonderful shot.

Gorgeous photos, darling S!
That bat is too cool!

Hope you have been having a lovely weekend :)


These are great photos. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it. Hope you're having a great weekend. Cheers!

Thanks for that little slice of Sydney just there - great pics, too. xx

Wow...What a capture Sam!! The only times I ever see bats is in the dark when they are flying overhead eating all the mosquitoes!
They are such an intriguing animal.

What an amazing shot of that bat! He looks very content. :) Lovely fountain as well. From the looks of your photos, Sydney is a very beautiful place!

She was wee! I think my thigh is close to her waist size. I'm with you on the auction thing... I want to go but am scared I'm going to end up with some pricey item just because I sneezed.

You seem to have gotten so close to it!! You are a brave woman!

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