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December 10, 2009


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like most people i love her! such a great style icon. i love the stripes in the last pic very chic and little bit french non?

She was wee! I think my thigh is close to her waist size.
I'm with you on the auction thing... I want to go but am scared I'm going to end up with some pricey item just because I sneezed.

Haha! Could you try wearing dark sun glasses next time you attend an auction? I've never been to an auction. And I guess Ebay doesn't count.

Hope you're having a good week so far Sam. Sorry to hear of your headaches (just saw your tweet a little while ago) and sending positive vibes your way. Be gone now horrible headaches! xo

I'd probably be in awe if I were just in the same room as those magnificent dresses! I adore Audrey so.

Hope you're having a great week too!! :) thanks for your sweet sweet comment!

She is the best, ultimate beauty inside&out.
LOL on the auction scene with your blinking Sam... a few years ago, I attended a Post Office Auction, it was quite fun... This is where/when the post office auctioned off items that was lost during the mailing process or some other reasons which I didn't even understand! It was interesting but went home with 0 item!

I love Audrey. I always thought she had great style. I loved seeing this post. I hope you're doing well. Thanks for the comment on my Christmas album covers. Glad you liked those. Cheers!

Sam, you are too sweet...hehe, Thank you! Your comment made my day. I just wanted to tell you that I mentioned you in the post below that...I didn't know if you seen it or not!! ;) I hope sales are booming, cause they should be, you talented doll. :)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Oh how I adore Audrey!

a 22" waist?!?! christ! that is TEENINCY!!!!

gorgeous dresses and a beautfiul woman!

Omgosh!! What an awesome exhibit Sam... I would love love to see it. I'd never put much thought as to how petite she might be. She always seemed so tall to me in her flats.

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