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November 03, 2009


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your models are perfect for that jewelry! i'm so glad you like them sam! thank you for the mention:)

Love the jewelry - so cute on Clyde "the model", tee-hee. Sisters II is beautiful, one of my favorites of your works!

Lovely postcards of the bridge and I love the rabbit modelled jewellery! Those sisters look as if they are plotting!
That's fun that you had the same wild looking moon on Sunday. I love those windy cloudy moonlit nights. Have a lovely week too!

So beautiful. You are very talented. I hope your week got off to a good start.

I love your two little rabbits! This makes me want to dress up the two cermaic birds I have!

love the drawings and i can't wait to get mine! <3

Love the tribute to the bridge!

Mu sister and I are very close, best friends.

Gorgeous post!
That illustration is just lovely, darling S!


I adore your new two sisters!!! And your model is just too cute, he's got personality up the ying yang. Have a Great Week!

I always love it when Rabbits turn their ears to modelling.

I love the sisters, they're definately going to be on part of my next purchases!

While I'm glad the cool change came through last night, I wish it would be at least sunny today. It's a bit depressing. Ah well.

i love your sisters II illustration. you've captured such a lovely coyness :)

ps. i was in paddington. just discovered the queen st shops in woollhara(?). must go back.

love your sisters artwork!

and how sweet of Gabbi, she's really the best!

love your sister drawing!!! sisters make the world a better place. at least when they are GOOD sisters. :)

and i love christina's stuff too. YAY! :0

Sam i always adore your painting...and this 2 sisters are gorgeous! I too love visitng the museum...but i think the Museum of Sydney sounds like alot more fun. hehe Gorgeous jewelry too! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

I really love this sisters drawing! Both girls are absolutely adorable and I love how their closeness is implied by the postitioning :)

Beautiful illustrations!

that exhibition looks really interesting - looking forward to your post about the artist!

P.S. 39 degrees?? wow, you're right, Melbourne was nowhere near that!

Dear Sam,
Lovely the new piece of artwork! Eventhough you have portayed two gals together before they all have their very own personality! I especially like the fuzzy little detail on the hair!
happy day

wooohooo!! I love your models for Christina's and Gabbi's jewelry!! they wear it FABULOUSLY! ;)

Your new sisters drawing is adorable! I can see why you have so many prints of pairs - it adds extra interest, another person to look at! Photos are the same to me, a bit more interesting when there's more than one person. :)

Beautiful new print Sam! I like those postcards you picked up and looking forward to hearing more about the Martin Sharp exhibit. He's the Mambo guy right? And the one from that band that I've momentarily forgotten the name of...?

Very sweet rings and earrings there! Lucky you!

I love your new sisters illustration dear Sam! Such wonderful expressions and style... I also very much wish my hair looked just like the one in pink!! :^)

Also, thank you so much for posting on the earrings!!♥ Deeply honored to see them in a photograph with that charming Mr. Clyde and next to Chistina's gorgeous ring.

Lots of Love and thanks dear Sam!!♥♥

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