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November 30, 2009


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You clever thing! The Patron Saint of Humming Birds...this is precious! And the card with the fawning crowds...makes me pleased I'm not one...just too taxing darling... St Francis has always been a favourite...tho tales of the female saints have always had more drama and sorrow...

Sam! I've finally made it back!! Your blog is beautiful as always -- I particularly like the mermaid pictures, especially having recently dressed up as one for Halloween this year. (Pictures are slightly risque, but under October 31 on my blog :) ) And the jacaranda trees from the middle of the month -- so lovely! I have a picture of another street in Kirribilli that time last year, but it didn't turn out nearly as well as yours. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Looks gorgeous.

I've never seen that movie, but it sounds amazing - real monks and all! xx

So beautiful. I love it. Hope you will have a fantastic week. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Take care. Cheers!

another gorgeous piece, sam! and i just gave my mom the little cardinal you did and she absolutely loved it! thanks!

Hi Sam,

I love your new print! :) Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

~Melissa Kaye

gorgeous work sam, as always!

Lovely Post (came here via Twitter!) I like the drawing - its great. I love hummingbirds, they are a bit of a miracle to me. I have never seen one for real and would love to see their colours!

The film sounds fascinating .....

beautiful print. those hummingbirds are so sweet. I wonder who the parton saint of dogs is? I off to google that. stay cool :)

Absolutely gorgeous new print, darling!
Love the rendering of the birds!


haven't see the film..but love what you did once again...

I love it! Hummingbirds are my favorite.

What a gem of a post! Humming birds are my favorite birds by far; maybe I'll reincarnate as one..?

I love your patron saints-especially the first. The film sounds lovely-I will look out for it. I think I have only ever smelt(smelled?) gardenia scented things-the real flowers must be lovely. Love your palomino wall too-not least the title! Have a great sweltering week-I have forest school tomorrow and there will be frost apparently!

LOVE the new print...awesome and the older one is sooo cool. I really like that style you did in that one. I'd love to see your other styles of drawing too. I mean you clearly have the art deco style mastered and I love it..but its neat to see you draw in a different style, it kinda reminds me of underground comix.
I totally have to watch this movie about the Franciscan seems I would enjoy it. I hear not too long ago a radio interview with a Franciscan Monk and he was soo amazing and filled with knowledge and I'll never forget some of things he said, really stuck with me, so I'm sure I'd take something out of this flick.
eek...getting long..hehe..have a great week Sam!!!

Sam, I love your work so so much !

I'm impressed that even with the crazy heat of the weekend your creative juices continued to flow! Along with buckets of sweat I imagine. No, not sweat. Perspiration! Ladies don't sweat, they perspire :) Another beautiful artwork Sam! I love hummingbirds but have never seen one for real. Hope to one day! I've not seen that Rossellini film either, but will look out for it. Sounds wonderful! Ooooh and those flowers are sweet. And what is even sweeter is that your dad picks them for you. What a lovely dad you have! Hope your week is going great so far and things have cooled down in Sydney town. The temps have dropped here this week and it's bliss so far!

That was weird. When I hit the 'post' button for previous comment I kept getting a long error message with all this techie code stuff that didn't make sense.


your new print is simply GORGEOUS! i love it! birds make me nervous, but not in art format. :)

So pretty! I love hummingbirds and the girl looks so delicate and yet nurturing - a perfect patron saint for those exquisite creatures!

And I so adore the scent of gardenias! It's positively intoxicating. I hope your December has started off marvelously!

I haven't seen the movie, but I've read the book, and it's great. He had such a great life and way of living- he was happy no mater where he is.
I love your drawing, Sam!

The Patron St of Rabbits is a gorgeous piece! :)
I also like R Rossellini's Flowers of St Francis! You know that St Francis is the patron St of Italy.. and maybe you already know, italians usually have a patron saint for example on the 4th of October is St Francis' day and he's my patron st because my name is Francesca.. Someone who is called Marco has St Mark as a patron st (i'm not sure which day that it is celebrated).

have a lovely day, Sam

What a beautiful new piece dear Sam! I adore the expression on her face and all the little hummingbirds that surround her.

I also must find that film, it sounds amazing and I'd never heard of it before.

Lastly, your dad's garden must be fantastic between the flowers and little Harry hanging around!! ♥

Wishing you a lovely new week!!

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