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November 16, 2009


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She's gorgeous. I'd love those tattoos!

That's one daring body art Sam...I would like to get a tiny tattoo of a seahorse.
As you know might know, the male takes good care of the babies...I like that! Fab new week!

Have a great week :)

That is so beautiful. I love it. Great job. I've always been fascinated by people with tattoos. Take care. Have a great week. Cheers!

Ooh, what a beautiful new print, Sam. I love the way you've incorporated a stunning woman, in addition to adorable little creatures all into one painting. Gorgeous! :)

oh wow, fantatic1 i have bird tattoos on my arms so we kind of match (sort of).

i am pushing through on this monday. luckily I only have to talk for 2 classes instead of my usual 4. I love test days! I love the greens you use and the softness of your images.

a tattoo down my back, I'm not sure but I like the one you have here.

a bientôt!

ooh. am lost with words...

Absolutely gorgeous, darling!


I love it. Great look in her eyes.

this is so adorable!

and i hope the monday slog ends soon. sheesh. i sure hope so!

Gorgeous! The chicken heart is a fun little touch too :)

You know, I'm not really a fan of tattoos, but she makes it look cute :) If she were me though, I'd have rabbits!

Lovely!!! The rooster on her arm is my favorite part. :)

Awww! Thanks guys! You're too kind!! :)

Omgod Sam, she's amazing... I'm in love. She's going on my very next post!!! So inspired now. You're a genius. What's it like to be a genius huh?? *besos*

Sam that is such a gorgeous painting! I adore her body art of birds! Have a lovely merry happy day and week! Love to you!

what a romantic idea!

I swear, your work just gets better and better. This is grand.

I blogged about her today!! Your work is gorgeous Sam... ♥

So gorgeous! Wouldn't that make a lovely sheer blouse? Beautiful.

P.S. I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger award!

OH MY GOSH. Sam, you know I love this. LOVE!! You do a magnificent job!!

FABULOUS ! I'm in love with your blog !

Precioso, so delicate!!

Wow! This latest illustration of yours is amazing Sam! As already mentioned here, you ARE a genius! You'll have to to a cat tat girl now.

The only good thing about Monday is that it doesn't last forever. BUT it does always come back. Every bloody week! Stooopid Mondays!

OMG, Sam - this is absolutely gorgeous! I think I need to go get a bird tattoo! lovely!

I really love the idea of a bird tatto!

so beautiful!! i'm continually amazed by your talent!!

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