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November 20, 2009


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wahhh...I want to see this cat fights with Godzilla or King Kong! It's still Thursday here Sam...but I sure can smell Friday coming...meow*


I'd have no problem with a cat god.

Ooh, Friday is just minutes away. Thank you for wishing me a good one!

Definitely a playful end to the world!

It's cute! I'd be OK with that.

haha, I agree with the comment above! would be cool to see the cat take on Godzilla ;)

that's such a great cat : ) have a lovely weekend, sweet sam!

hahahaha, hopefully the big kittie is nice!

Fun cartoon, darling!

Happy Friday to you too!


Oh I'm sure we could tame him with food and lovin! Thank you sweet Sam for your wellness wishes....they're precious to me...

Awwww, haha that is so cute! I would gladly take that as an end of the world scenario. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend :)

*heheh*...this drawing is too, too cute. Though, admittedly, I would prefer the coming of the Great Pug God!

Hehe! All hail puss almighty!

Thanks for the giggles. I just showed the pic to my dog and she thinks it's a load of silliness and informs me that the coming of the great dog god is more likely ;)

hehe love this illustration :)

Picturing fat George... heehe... we'd be in such trouble.

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