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November 22, 2009


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Marvelous cactus! And what terrific shadow shots!!

Have a great weekend and stay cool!!!


The cacti are in bloom, the heat and the sun the ingredients for their colorful flowers.

Egads, that is blistering heat! We don't see it that hot in the Northeast US, I have Arizona desert. Stay cool (it would be nice if we could export some of our cold weather to temper your heat in OZ)

love those cactus shadows...

Wow; that is warm...maybe I can send some of our cold weather to you...

Oh my! 106 and wind. Here in California we know well the threat of wild fire. I'll hold a good thought for those in the bush.

Great cactus flowers and shadows!

Perfect pictures for SSS, and beautiful flowers. I hope your fire season is mild.

I like the cactus-very cheery! The heat sounds too much-and the thought of fires-so scary. Over here it is floods.

Yikes! 41 degrees!
Hopefully the bush fire won't be as bad as they predict :(

Stay cool and have a good weekend, Sam!

The cactus blooms are quite pretty.

I do hope that your day wasn't too hot.

The fire threat sounds scary indeed.

I hope everyone comes through this safely and that you were able to find some cool air!

Great shadow shots--gorgeous cacti! Keep the ice in your lemonade or tea, and a fan on you. That's a heat wave! I hope no bush fires result. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog post! Happy new week!

So charming Sam, they reminded me of those fanciful ladies who watch the horse race!
Hopefully no more fire in your country, the last one was horrible...Stay cool dear~

Mmmm. Lovely shapes and colors along with those shadows!

That is soo hot!! The cactus seems like perfect picture for it, too!!

Dear sam these are gorgeous cactus in bloom!! I love love the flowers and you captured these sooo lovely! Sydney's Botanical Gardens sounds like fun place to go. :) Hope you're having a wonderful merry happy weekend and love to you!

I love that you do this every Sunday. I killed a cactus once - tough I know but I did it!

Australia is such a harsh place sometimes. I hope there's some rain/moisture soon.

Gorgeous and very appropriate shadow shots Sam! 41 degree heat for you today? Oh no!!! I'm guessing your place doesn't have air con? Mine doesn't & it's killing me so I can't begin to imagine what a temp of 41 would feel like without air con. As much as I don't like hanging around shopping centres I can understand the attraction during such hot weather. I hope you managed to find some relief with whatever you ended up doing today. Take care and drink lots of water! My thoughts are also with all those in danger of bush fires. And with you Sam! Please don't melt away! Take a book and your drawing materials to a nice air-conditioned cafe. And eat lots of ice cream. That helps :)

Beautiful shadow shots - but the heat! How do you cope with it? I do hope the bush fires can be avoided. Fire is so powerful and frightening.

Your cactus flowers are gorgeous. It is the first time I see yellow ones. Ours, in the Botanical Gardens are just orange-red.
Sorry about your sufferings in your beautiful country, 41 degrees are insupportable heat. I hope, nothing bad will happen and everyone comes through this without problems.
Thanks for your kind words on my shots and take care!

The cactus shots are gorgeous Sam!

The heat is/has been dreadful! We stayed home and clung to the A/C today sipping cold drinks, watching movies and doing after day of extreme temperatures wears me out.

The fires are dreadful...on the news it said there was something like 80 separate outbreaks throughout the state...bring on the cool change, we're more than ready >^..^<

Wonderful prickly pear cactus, we have them here in Iowa too, though a real pain to farmers, when plowed they just spread like wildfire.

beautiful cactus flowers and shadows. Hope you don't get bushfires...

I like these!
Happy SSS to you==stay cool.

Hey there. How are you doing today? I hope you've been having a fantastic weekend. Take care. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

Ah beautiful cacti and its shadows...

Sam, beautiful catus with lovely flowers! Can't believe that kind of heat! I'd have to leave town! Your drawings in your side bar are amazing! :)

I'm LOVING these Sam!! Wow...I have never seen a cactus in the wild like that, cause I'm in Canada. Very exotic and I just love the flowers, very pretty and unique.
I hope you can stand the, its funny over on this side of the world it's starting to get chilly...eeek. extremes of anything I suppose is the not the best.
Hope your weekend was manageable.

Beautiful shadows and hopes that it doesn't get too hot there dear Sam... sounds a lot like our Los Angeles predicament. We love the sun but yeah, fires and dangers of sunstroke!

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