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November 14, 2009


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She is lovely, as are these vintage photos!


that Romanian model looks gorgeous!
I really like that last photo. It's such a perfect moment, just before the guy dives in - it looks so calm! and I love how he captured the reflections in the water too.

trés jolie bien sur! i love the life aquatic and wes anderson's films. these pictures are so awesome. i love seeing how people spent thier time back in the day and glamorous and gorgeous they looked even in everyday moments. very inspiring. that last picture is phenomenal great capture.

bon weekend!!!

My goodness, she is gorgeous! What lovely images!

She is really beautiful. I love the looks of that era-I have a great book about Man Ray which has some fantastic photos-particularly of women. My favourite is Mimi de Montparnasse-I love her name! Thanks for your comment earlier too! Have a lovely weekend yourself!

so impossibly glamorous...what a couple they must have been.

she is such a beauty! and LORD how i wish i knew how to get those curls in my hair! my hair lady supposedly gave me a noir haircut, but i can't quite do it right. grumble grumble.

and i love all of these photographs. they are just amazing!

hope you have a nice weekend!

p.s. i hope that kid plastic surgery thing is a joke. i hope. i work right next to STUPID BEVERLY HILLS and i see all sorts of freaks around town. ugh.

Such wonderful images Sam!
...enjoyed looking at all the minute details on these photos...those stack of banglesss...ahhh so beautiful! Have a gorgeous weekend darling! ~xo*

Love the pictures. Especially the one where the person is jumping into the pool. Loved these old swimsuits. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

FAB photos! That first one would make a FAB painting!

She was a I've always wanted to get my hair like that..I forget what they are curls or something like that..hehe..It'll come to me as soon as I leave your pretty site.
Have a Great Weekend Sam!!
So I'm buying a couple prints..and I'm having a really tough time deciding hehe..They are all so pretty. I'll have decided by the end of the weekend..hehe..I hope. ;)

Loving the third photograph. I simply cannot resist the glamour that was conveyed during this era! :)

She is beautiful and so are these photographs! That last image is such a tease...I wish I was jumping into a pool right now! Interesting about Wes Anderson.

That third photograph is so gorgeous, she was absolutely stunning!

She is just beautiful and divine! I love her fur-collared coat and her perfect pin curls!

Such a gorgeous woman and an amazing photographer!

Wow, the Renee Perle photos are truly stunning indeed!

Out of all the photographers we studied in my high school photography class, Lartigue was my very favorite! :) Thank you for sharing these - I can't stop staring at Renee's shoes in the second photo!

I didn't know it until now, but it is not a surprise to me that Wes Anderson is a Lartigue fan! I love them both!! Thank you for this further example of the wonderful synchronicity of life!


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