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November 08, 2009


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Beautiful shadows dear Sam! They look just like little pompoms...♥

I also loved the post on Francesca's site!

oooh, I like Shadow Shot Sunday. I don't know how I managed to miss that before!

And Francesca's review is spot on... your work really is beautiful Sam.

Have a lovely evening! (I've just woken up- so figure it must be nighttime for you!)

I like your paddo plane tree! I've seen trees like that here as well but I'm not sure if they're the same type or not. Looks very dramatic against the blue sky!

Hey your link in Mr Linky took me to your SSS from last week. All good now because I fixed it. Easy mistake to make if entering static pages urls because the info is saved from the previous week. So it's easy to forget to change the end of it. Feel free to simply add your standard blog url if that's easier. Some do that. Some don't. Totally up to you :)

Hope you had a super weekend Sam! Lots of drawing I hope! Off to have a browse of Francesca's shop now. All the best for a fun-filled week ahead! xo

Just came back to say congrats on the feature. It was so nicely done! And I loved the little mushroom boxes in Francesca's shop. How cute!

Tiny, spiky stars,
their lights extinguished, dangle
from plane tree branches.

My Shadow Shot

Great photo Sam!
Such a whimsical specimen...almost like sea urchins hanging on the branches! xo as always, sure missed your wonderful posts while I was away...

What interesting trees we've seen this SSS and winter's past for you too...not fair for me, winter's coming!

Fabulous shot! Now I'm off to visit all your suggestions!

Hey there. Nice post. Happy Sunday. Hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Take care. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

This tree makes for such an interesting photo...

Nice shadows on the plane tree.

I am enjoying your artwork on the sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by!

gabbi is right! they do look like little pom poms. I was struck by the blue sky and loved how it allowed for the texture of the pom poms to stand out. sunday has been good, but I am not ready for monday!

PomPomShadowSunday... :)
Have a nice week!

love this! i love the focus on the building!

the silhouette creates an almost abstract pattern. this design would make for some pretty wallpaper!

Fabulous pictures !

Lovely shot! I'm wondering if this is the same kind of tree that my parents have in their front yard -- we call them sweetgum trees, and those little round things sweetgum balls. They hurt to step on if you haven't got shoes! :)

This is really a fantastic shot, girl. Ahh... B&W is so cool.

Job well done.


eeeek...why am I so behind on your blog.. hmmm...I guess I've not been around computer as much but I have no idea how I missed your Shadow Shot!!

It's Gorgeous..but are they sharp?hehe,they look like littley spikey balls or kind of like burdocks as we call them here.

Hope everything is great with you!!

Sam, thanks so much for the link!

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