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November 07, 2009


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Love this take on Hokusai's divine wave.

Great photos. I'm not really familiar with his work so this post was definitely of interest to me. Have a fantastic weekend. Cheers!

i would love to see one of his exhibits!

these are so much fun, i love to get to know new artists!

Oh THAT'S Martin Sharp. Of course! Please disregard the silly comment I left on a previous post of yours where you mentioned him. Yikes! I had him totally confused with Reg Mombassa. Of course you can understand why because their names are so similar... What a complete doofus I am!

I do hope that the exhibition will travel to Brissy because I'd love to see it. I'd love to see it even more than a Reg Mombassa one ;)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Sam!

Ok, I'm now taking my red-faced self off to slink under the nearest rock I can find...

Thanks Sam its great to see that photo of Martin Sharp
carefully dressing like blue boy.


Wow, His work is amazing! Thanks for sharing, Sam! Such amazing burst of colours on the Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan art. I really like the Eternity, Haymarket one as well.

Have a great weekend :)

Mary-Laure - yes, Sharp loved Japanese art and he often uses touches of it here and there in his work. He also has a great passion for Van Gogh and you can see his homage to him in the Haymarket poster with the swirling stars.

Glad to introduce him to you Keith - have a great weekend too!

Diana - I'll go back to the exhibition and take some photos and that may give you an idea of what fun it is!

Miriam - fun is the word! Also, psychadelic I think too - particularly the "Cream" LP cover!

Tracy :) ! Now you know!! :) Always so lovely to have your chatty self leave a comment sweetie!!

Ah! Mr.Wyatt - there's a touch of the Blue Boy about him there I agree - whether it be a deliberate nudge-nudge-wink-wink reference or perhaps some cosmic synchronicity I'm not entirely sure. Well spotted though!

Lovely post with lovely artwork. I'd never heard of Martin SHarp before!
Happy Weekend!

He looks so dapper and fun in this photograph - I just adore him. Would love to see one of his exhibits live! :)

I knew the name but had no idea about the art dear Sam, as always you completely entertain and (hope you don't mind me typing this) educate!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

George sends his love!♥

Is it weird that I think he looks current? Like a dandy hipster. I love his work, thanks for the post!

Gosh, he was a lecturer at my uni when I was there. I never realised he was so prolific. Blush :)

His work is pretty intense! And so detailed and colourful. That's so great you got to see his works in real life. Nothing beats actually being in the same room as images you've admired for so long.

What a cool guy!

Cool!! I love psychedelic art..He is definitely a talented and cool looking chap.
Hope your weekend is going wonderful!

Sam, I was at COFA :)
He was in the sculpture dept. I think. I never had him as a teacher, but I remember him. :)

amazing talent!

hope you are having a great weekend Sam!!

Thank you for the lovely and informative post, Sam! I hadn't heard of Martin Sharp, but some of this definitely looks familiar to me. :)

Sounds like such an amazing and fun exhibition! I can't get over how modern that portrait of him looks too, it's what today's hipsters are aspiring too I suppose.

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