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November 10, 2009


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Oh, aren't these lovely! Yet another few prints to add to my wishlist :)

Lovely girls and I really like your plane tree shot below too. The nuts always remind me of Christmas tree decorations!

Stunning work, darling!!


They're gorgeous Sam! I adore Irish eyes and the poppy girl set... you're amazingly talented. I'm going to get a jump on the gift to my sis so I can post about your new sale section soon... such a steal!

Hope you're having a lovely new week!

Adore the side profiles of Poppy...
I admire your work so much Sam...all the best with the sale! ~xo*

I adore Irish Eyes especially her green eyes! Gorgeous painting! Glad you had a good creative weekend! Wishing you a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

so 40' is my favourite colour...

Those are amazing. I really like them. I hope you had a great weekend. Take care. Have a wonderful week. Cheers!

i've been wanting to purchase a feather for my hair lately, maybe i should do it sooner than later. irish eyes is beautiful.

oh, that black irish girl is lovely! i think that is what they call them? i used to have a friend that was irish and had dark hair and green eyes, and that is what she told me. she was a bit of a nutter, so hopefully i am not out of bounds on this!

Oh, I absolutely love your pics that you drew. They are amazing. :) Also, they do look very Irish and can tell because I have eyes almost like that mine are Blue-green. :) (partly from the German and the Irish background in my family)

They are gorgeous as always!!!

Love the green eyes with the green collar!

How exquisite! I love the profile prints especially! So Erté! Definitely on my Christmas list!

I love Irish Eyes and the Poppy gals Sam! Hey you should wear feathers in your hair whenever you wish to. You could revive the roaring twenties look in Sydney. The feathers would go nicely with your sock monkey costume ;)

love it! another great drawing!

Oooo...I like her the Irish Girl..afterall I am Irish hehe.. I don't have green eyes though, but I am slightly ginger with fair hair. These are incredible..and very soon will be ordering from you, I promise. I'm pretty brokers at the moment. But I am soo excited to pick a couple for my walls.

she's stunning, i love green eyes!

Poppy is so stylish and I wish I could have her hairstyle! :) Your drawings are excellent!

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