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November 11, 2009


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I'm glad that you said that the images were a little unrelated because I was struggling to successfully connect the dots. I love these images too! Especially the Andre Kertesz one! Hope you had a happy hump day Sam! Fingers crossed that the remainder of the working week zooms by!

J'adore the revolving doors photograph - I've always had a slight obsession with revolving doors - they seem like a playground of sorts! Happy day to you, darling! :)

the photo of that train wreck is wild! happy hump day to you sam:)

I LOVE the Flapper girl with the Butterfly wings..I would like to be her today. hehe..and fly away all pretty like. That is one thing I wish us humans could fly...what fun that would be. ;)

I like all of these. Hope you've been having a great Wednesday. I'm off from work today because it being Veteran's Day here. It's raining outside too much to do anything.

Big OOOps on that locomotive train Sam!
Hope nothing like that would ever happen again ....errr???

I LOVE that butterfly flapper image! Wouldn't that make a great tatoo for someone so inclined?! A flapper butterfly would also make a fun Halloween costume come to think of it :)

ohh I love the butterfly ;)

Hi Sam,

I love that train wreck image - a bit how I'm feeling today!Funny how a bad night's sleep affects you.

Enjoy your evening with your dad tonight - I'll be around Manly too. Would be funny if we bumped into each other unknowingly.

You're most forgiven too for the gi-normous comment. I'll be posting some new vintage dresses, hats and bags up on Saturday (fingers crossed).

Have a great rest of your week. :)

Beautiful Wednesday inspirations dear Sam!! I adore them all, but find Montparnesse Station Train wreck the most fascinating... I'd seen it before but had no idea where it came from. Can you imagine that thing crashing through the building? Astounding.

Wishing you a fabulous Thursday!! *besos*

Happy Hump day - that's so sweet!

I adore the first image lots! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Great photos! I love the Life magazine one.

PS. loved your last comment! That is so funny that your word verification was "ranted"! Haha, it's like they knew!

have a great week!

Stunning photos and illustration, darling! Your posts are always so lovely!


Well that Life Cover is something special I have to admit!

Oh, I love the flapper picture. Those outfits were always so amazing looking. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

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