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November 23, 2009


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charlotte is so beautiful!
reminds me of our latest moodboard for the '10 xmas collection - it's all about showgirls : )

charlotte is lovely! and she can DANCE!!! and i sure love these flashback photos.

107 degrees! how HORRID!!!! but i am glad it is a little cooler for you now!

So 20's. bellisima

charlotte is one sexy lady!!! i need to learn to dance (clumsiest girl ever).

Phew..that has cooled down a tad.
I am lovin' Charlotte, she is so classy and looks like she'd be fun.
I'm so pumped for my season birds to arrive..Yipee!!!

Charlotte is lovely! The details in this are great! :) Hope you're surviving the heat - sounds like a bit too much for me!

Charlotte is such a babe :)

Ostrich feathers are so fun aren't they?!
My mom & I are huge fans of the great musical productions from the past era! Perhaps that is why I use too much 'darrrling....' sometimes!
Fabulous new week Darrrrling~

Oh la la! Charlotte! ;)

Charlotte is a stunning lady!

Sweet Charlotte! Maybe Charlotte would be kind enough to give me some dancing lessons because I'm a hopeless dancer. Not that it stops me. It would just be great if I didn't look like such a goose when attempting to dance. Hey that's great news that the weather cooled off. From 41.5 to 20? That's quite a drop. Enjoy it while it lasts Sam! By the time you find this comment it may be back in the 40s. Hope not! That's insane!

Oh, love Busby Berkley--and the print. Golddiggers of 1933 might be my favorite. Those violins!

Charlotte is soo gorgeous!! I adore her red dress. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

Ooh! She would look perfect in a Busby Berkeley musical! So elegant and gorgeous.

By the way, I just wrote up a whole blog entry on the loveliness of your work! Thank you for your endless inspiration!

I just love your work and was going to profile you as my etsy store of the week next week when I noticed your blog at my friend Lenore's and had to come over and say hi.

Charlotte is gorgeous.

I love her red dress!
And that top pic from the Busby Berkeley movie; I find that he's not as much of a household name as his genius would deserve.

charlotte has so much red red

She's beautiful Sam!!! I love where you get your inspiration from also... such of fan of his musicals.

That is such an excellent back story, it makes me like her even more!

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