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November 27, 2009


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That cat is too adorable!

Hi Sam!
I love that cat goldfish illustration! And It makes me smile to read that you feel like the bowl - a bit cracked at the end of the week!! you're right! ;) who doesn't.. It's just funny to picture it with this cute series of drawing!
thanks for sharing!
happy weekend!

i love all these prints, especially when this bleached et al.

bon week-end, ma fille!

hehe love the ending...but I hope someone saved the fish! ...or the kitty did the 'gulp!' at the end...?
You are so right about the bowl & crack'ed...I feel you Sam! Enjoy our R&R!! Peaceful & enjoyable weekend darling!!
xo* as always~

yes, we all know a cat like that one (in the 1st image).
have a happy weekend :)

oh i love all the kitty pics! and i hope you have a super weekend.

and thank you for all of your sweet comments. you really are the best. :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE those cat illustrations!!! FAB!!!

I love his illustrations dear Sam! Especially that first one, Horrible fin d'un poisson rouge. That's something George would definitely do... and I know what you mean about feeling slightly cracked by Friday's. I'm usually so happy on Friday mornings because of the weekend break but by the end of the day I'm so exhausted. It all catches up on me. But Saturday morn's I feel like a million bucks... Wishes for a wonderful weekend my dearest Sam!! I missed your blog and I ADORE your interview on

I like that cartoon! Sorry to hear that you've been so busy during the week. I hope it was at least a fun kind of busy. And I hope you've managed to fit in plenty of relaxation over the weekend so far. This time of the year kind of does my head in at times. So much rushing about...

Awww, the lady with all the fuzzy friends :)

Hooray for cats and the art they inspire! I love that first one; I'd never seen it! Hope your weekend was gorgeous!

love the black cat sequence!! it's fantastic!!

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