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October 14, 2009


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Hey Sam. Nice to see the history lesson here. I'm a history buff so I always enjoy these type of posts. I hope you're doing well. Take care. Cheers!

love that poem, very inspiring!

and agree with Keith, i too enjoy a bit of history now and then!

I remember seeing the Bayeaux Tapestry when I was younger, it is so amazing. And wow Cummings looks totally styling in that photograph! What a beautiful poem :) Hope you're having a gorgeous day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Loved hearing all these interesting facts for this day. It is also my husband's birthday!! I will pass all this along to him, or just show him for goodness sakes. I hope your day is splendid!

a very happy birthday to you! may you have lots of cake and poetry read to you

Happy Birthday! And excellent history class!!! Nice one :) Have a good day.

Hi Sam, hope you had a lovely, lovely birthday!

Happy, happy birthday. I hope you kicked your heels up and had a wow of a time.

Who knew so much great stuff happened today?? I love e.e. cummings so much...this was actually a poem I didn't recognize! Thanks for sharing!

Oh dear SAM! Happpy happy happy birthday!! I hope you had a great celebration. Such a wonderful day to be born with so many history. I adore e.e.cummings! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday lovely Lady! :0)

Happy Birthday dearest!
Love this history lesson...but my favorite has to be the fabulous drawing machine Sam!
~xo + much blessings

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dearest Sam*'''''*:♥!!!

I'm scrolling through your amazing post wondering wondering what all these wonders have in common and then viola... it all makes sense, it's my amazing friend Sam's Birthday!!(such a special day!)♥♥♥

Wishing you a very happy one my favorite Sam and hope this new b-day year is filled with many Blessings.

PS. George sends his love and birthday wishes also!♥xo

Oh my gosh! Happy birthday Sam! I'm a day late...oops. Sorry! You share your birthday with some fine folk! I hope you had the most lovely day yesterday celebrating!

It's my birthday today. We are both Librans! :)

What a cool idea for a birthday post!

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!!

Felicidades :)

Thank you thank you everyone - I feel very loved!!

I had a terrific birthday and got some very fine presents which I'll no doubt do a blog post about!! XO

I always learn something when I visit your blog, darling S! Thanks for your thoughtful and interesting posts! Loved all these photos.
So glad you like my new header too :)


And happy birthday, gorgeous!!!

lovely post. thanks for the history reminder at the beginning. always so much to see and learn here. oh, and is it your bday? feliz cumpleaños!

The Gish sisters are gorgeous.

Happy belated birthday!! what a historical day indeed, it seems ^_^

Oh I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! So sorry I'm a negligent blog reader and a few days late. It looks like you share the date with a lot of amazing people and exciting events! :)

That poem well it's just superb...

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