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October 25, 2009


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Oh, I love all your beautiful shadow shots today! Such a great variety! Love the reflections in the window and the yummy looking pastries! What a lovely area you live in! Thanks for a lovely tour!

Enjoy your day!


A nice shady street with lots of trees to cast shadows. Nice post.

Oh man, that dessert case shot is killin' me... it all looks soooo good!

It looks like a beautiful street!
I love that first photo. The shadow from the tree branches is just stunning.

what a lovely street, and thanks for the comment.

Lovely charming neighborhood Sam!
Love those butterflies & the curved glass panels in the shop-windows too!

Oi! Where's the 'Sam the Sock Monkey' shadow? ;)

That's a lovely shadow shot. You live in a very pretty area of Sydney. I do remember exploring around that area, so I may have even walked right by your house! Those sweets look divine! I'd be popping in there far too often if I lived so close by!

I didn't know Russell Crowe lived around there. I'm trying to imagine Russell Crowe in that cake shop eating dainty little cupcakes. Nah. Can't picture it. I had fun trying to though :)

Dappled sunlight through enormous leafy trees are one of my favourite sights in the world!

Dear Sam, these are such lovely shots! I adore them pretty! Thanks for taking us around your favorite street! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and love to you!

looks like a lovely street, i always like shady streets

It all sounds so very British until you get down to the Wooloomoolloo Garden that's my image of the land down have an interesting blog, I'm going to have to investigate further...and Russell Crow...sigh!!!

Hey there. It looks amazing. Great photos. Happy Sunday to you. I hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Take care. Good luck with the week ahead. Cheers!

Cool shots! I miss Sydney...been there once too many yrs ago!
Happy Sunday and good morning Monday!

Wow! You live near such lovely shops and boutiqes! Definitely one of the perks of a big city...those desserts look amazing -- I would be wandering over there a bit too much ;) Hope your weekend is going well!

Mmmm...those desserts look divine. But even better is the beauty of this street - love that building! :)

that street is very pretty, but if i lived just around the corner from pastries like that, i'd definitely have a problem! gorgeous photos.

Gorgeous, darling S!
Love your street and these fantastic pics!


That shot is so amazing! What wonderful looking buildings. And that last shot has my mouth watering! Hope you had a stunning weekend :)

I feel as though I've had a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood. Everything looks lovely.

Thanks for the beautiful Macleay Street shots. My daughter used to live there before she was married and I have many happy memories of late night coffees with friends in my youth. And for your trivia kick for the day, my brother used to teach Russell Crowe.

what beautiful shots! and you live in a LOVELY neighborhood!

i especially love your butterfly shot!

Oh so pretty! I can see why you love this street. Your photos are so great, loving that white rose one. I totally want to do a Shadow Sunday post, I just might. hmmm...I love it.

Ah I love Macleay Street (though really I love most of the streets around that area). I don't get out your way very often though!

Thanks for the comment on my latest post. I will be updating again very soon - I have taken your suggestion and gotten some snaps of my purchases last weekend.

Talk soon no doubt!

beautiful shots. those roses are gorge! and those pastries, I could just dive in! what a lovely city you live, definitely on my list of places to visit.

What a wonderful post and what lovely palces you've captured!
those cakes look gorgeous and those roses.. mm I can smell them ;) very pretty!
Happy week

The roses, the architecture, the pies, it all looks great, Sam!

Thanks for taking us down your street, I just LOVED taking this walk with you! Oh and those pastries!

I've visited your street - it's beautiful...and the shops!!

Darlin this is where you that shop with the curved glass...and the cakes...

Sam, you live in such a gorgeous area! Lucky you! :)

Where you live is so lovely and the food and the shopping is fabulous. We used to live at Kings Cross (at the other end to Woolloomooloo). We moved after the birth of our daughter, just getting nappies was an experience getting past the nudie bars

Absolutely adore the pictures!

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