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October 21, 2009


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Lucky you, love the bunny model.

That's awesome. Congrats. Hope you're having a nice week.

Natalie does have lovely jewelery!

that necklace is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooh lucky you! Hooray for giveaways :)

Lucky Sam!
Such eye candy...admire a bunny who can model fabulous jewelry!

Sam, your soo lucky!! Natalie's work is gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

lucky you! the earrings are lovely - especially on Clyde! ;)

Ooh, such lovely jewelry! You made good choices with those earrings, and I love the way Clyde is modeling them! :)

cute jewellery, and i say as rebecca. Clyde carries it off very well!

Wonderful prizes dear Sam! Congratulations... gotta say that little Clyde there looks quite handsome in the new bobbles. He's got the ears for it! (heehe... sorry about that one)

Lots of love!♥

Ta honey for the mention! Hope the weekend is a goody...

Hi dear, it's been a while since i popped by! I see everythin is going as well as always :) I love the new Bianca painting!you're so talented!

Oh lucky you! Winning cool stuff is so much fun! I love how the blogging community is always so generous with giveaways! Arty crafty bloggers rock!

My goodness, I'm so sorry I haven't popped past to thank you for you! Hope you are enjoy your new lovelies! xo

I know it lucky.
I already used it its really worked.
i like it..

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