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October 31, 2009


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Happy weekend dear Sam!! I love your Halloween inspirations and that's so great that the day is catching on more and more there... won't it be great when all holiday's sort of globalize? Here I've noticed the growing trend of celebrating Bastille Day.... oolala... :)

I also adore the work of Fernand Khnopff. You introduce me to the most incredible artists dear Sam.

Thank you so much for the get well soon comments! They were wonderful to read and of great comfort. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween!!! *besos*

he was knighted!?!? how cool is that!!!!

hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Knopff is fantastic and creepy...what a wonderful book! I recently found a fantastic Art Nouveau book on the bargain bookshelf, and I can't stop looking at it. Happy Halloween, my dear!

It is now Halloween. G'night x

Happy halloween and happy weekend! :)

that 2nd image gives me the chills!

i'd love to dress my orange cat up as a pumpkin for halloween :)

Wow, congrats to Christopher Lee. I absolutely adore this man. I can't believe how popular he has become in his older age. :) I just love him, and he was such a great Dracula too. But I will have to see he was to die for in Lord of the Rings. And I can't get over his creepy distinctive voice, but gotta love it. :) Cheers, and have a very Happy Halloween.

Hey Sam. Great post. That is so cool about Christopher Lee. Sir Christopher. That has such a nice ring to it. He definitely deserves the honor. Thanks for mentioning my post. I appreciate it. Happy Halloween.

I wanted to be a ladybug myself; but the costume I found was slightly...risque. Maybe next year...

Happy, Happy Halloween, darling! :)

Ha! Very fitting for Christopher to be knighted around this Halloween

Love your post- per usual.

Happy Halloween! I like those paintings, especially the second one. I like the title. I didn't realise Christopher Lee was a knight-so thanks for telling me!

Christopher Lee = ah-mazing! I love Halloween, although to be honest it doesn't seem to be much of big deal here in the UK either. I suppose it's too close to bonfire night. Oh and I wish it was the Royal Academy, it's actually Somerset House (Courtauld Institute). Hope you're having a fun Halloween :)

Those paintings are gorgeous! Sort of eerie, but I like them!

Hope you're having an exciting weekend! I like how silly Halloween can be... not everyone does something, but it's great to go to the grocery store and see people wearing funny costumes! :)

Your halloween inspired post is so full of class Sam! I had no idea that Christopher Lee was knighted. That pleases me because I have fond memories of being scared silly watching those cheesy Hammer horror flicks as a youngster. I must revisit them all sometime soon. Just to see if they scare me as much now :)

I love what the girl said above about seeing people dressed up doing everyday things. I seen Oscar the grouch and Big Bird taking money out of the ATM and it made me smile huge. I wish there were more days like Halloween!! Hope yours was great. :)
And I think I am too late to enter the contest..sigh...maybe the next one if there is one! Take Care...

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