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October 27, 2009


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Yipeee and hoooray!! I adore Blue Pom Pom and Joan, how cool would it be to have them line up together! Thank you so much dear sam for this wonderful giveaway! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

Love Nancy and russian ballerina...

Good to choose!...if I had this very moment..The Italian Love Bandit and Deer Love.

Wow, hard to choose!
I love the bunny, and the cardinal.... and Rose the circus Girl is now my new favorite :)

Hope you're having a fun time, Matou!
L xxx

Thanks for the great competition Sam. I would choose Louise and Art Deco Twins because I am a sucker for a Bob and you do them so well.
Have a great week,

Oooh fabulous! You know how much I love your work.
I'd choose 21st Century Dandy and Jazz Baby!

All your works are lovely but what really caught my eye was the Little Geisha and the Sunset Boulevard print :) So lovely :)

oh my, so many lovelies to choose from!
My picks are: FRIDAY NIGHT pink stockings & Gabriela

Hope you're having a great week!

This is a cool idea. I love all of them so it's hard to choose. I would have to say Art Deco Beauty and Louise.

oh wow! i'd say the Flying Kittens and Bianca.


i'd pick marie antoinette and art deco millie! yay for competitions!

Oooooh what a fab giveaway, darling! Love this piece, and would also adore Eizabeth in Pink and Art Deco Millie!


I would choose The Cat and the Canary because it reminds me of The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, and Art Deco Millie because she makes me think of Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. Fabulous giveaway, darling! :)

That would definitely be "Jemima takes Harry for a walk" and "Underwater Boudoir."

Mermaids are so fabulous :)

The Louise print is my next fave!! I love it!! It makes me think of how i would always wear my hair like that for years growing up and recently grew it out. It also reminds me of how my mom would always send me cards with a girl with haircuts like this.

At the moment I'm in the mood for some art deco decorating - so hence I can't go past the Art Deco Girls - the one in the red dress, and the one in the green. The perfect combination!

she looks so sweet and innocent and beautiful!

You do all this artwork? It's wonderful, the lines are nice a clean and the faces convey their emotions with such simplicity. Very elegant.

oooo man! I hope I win because I am in love with your art- always amazes me.

After looking through them all
1. Boho- I've always felt a connection with that specific piece
2. Jazz Baby- I'm a huge fan of art deco.

Oh dear Sam do you realise how dificult it is to choose only two!?! I'll choose Pandora in Rouge and 21st Century Beauty. Hey I've noticed quite a few new ones in your shop since last visiting. Which wasn't very long ago! You are so very prolific! And so very talented! I love your work!!!

Those Sydney storms of yours finally made their way to Brissy this week. Finally some rain here! Smells all sweet and fresh :)

I like the bird ad the mermaid series and the two rabbits - all of the women are simply gorgeous. But, since I have to choose just two and I'm collecting prints of rabbits I would have to say the bunny and the rabbit with the dandelions.

So hard to choose!
I really love your work!
If I won I think I would choose Marie Antoinette and Art Deco Evenings...
I am decorating my bethroom and that romantic pale pink would fit awesome!!
And again, congratulations for your amazing and inspiring work!

Oh my goodness! I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love your gorgeous work! And there are way, way too many to choose just two but I'll go with: Mumma Duck and Art Deco Millie (just like Thoroughly Modern!).

Love, love your work - adding you to my blogroll and your Etsy shop to my favorites.

Amazingly hard to choose because I would take them all! I am envious of your talent! My selections are The Cat and the Canary, and A Little Love.

You're always so generous with your giveaways and competitions! :)

Tough call, but I like Little Red Riding Hood and Art Deco Millie. Your art is so wonderful!

Hi! I like lots of your prints but tonight I would choose Pandora in rouge and the one of the kitten falling. Hope you are having a good week!

Beautiful new creation dear Sam! I adore Rose and her lovely circus theme... I also am a huge fan of 'A Night In' and the ever gorgeous 'Dollface' :) Both of which I plan on buying very soon!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend dearest Sam!!

If I should win ... I'd also love to have Little Lemon Drop and Sisters 11. I love your work (bought 3 birdie prints from you not long ago!) My daughter-in-law would love the sisters print and the Lemon Drop would be for me!

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