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October 17, 2009


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Amazing gifts, darling!
Love the Dali especially!
Hope your birthday was splendid :)


Happy, Happy Birthday, darling!

Me Cheeta looks like something I would be interested in. Loving the gifts you received - so deserved! :)

The Cheeta book sounds so wacky! You must tell us about it when you are done! Have a relaxing weekend...

Great gifts Sam!
Love S Dali & old Tarzan movies...I remember them well! Especially when Tarzan rolled around with a crocodile in the underwater scene! Adore those old black & white movies... How movies have changed so much now...
Lovely weekend! ~xo*

Great gifts dear Sam, you know, I had an extreme fascination with the Tarzan films when I was a little girl :) Will have to try to find it!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend♄ I'm just waking up now. It's so great having a computer at home again!!

Happy Birthday! Your books look very interesting-nothing better than some gorgeous art books. I got my lovely prints yesterday thanks! Love them!

i love your books!

Thanks for the mention, Sam!
I also have a little something for you on my blog today!

oooohhh...Nice books! Dali is so fascinating..That is one artist that we don't have a book'll have to go on the list. He is very important afterall..hehe.

Oh ya for my husband's b-day,we ordered a couple of Gottfried Bammes books,one on anatomy and one on drawing animals. Also a brian froud book..we are both obsessed with froud.

Love seeing your bday books,such fun and interesting posts.
have a super wonderful weekend!

Those both look like intriguing books. I've never seen that Dali painting (Dream Caused by the Flight...), but it is amazing! :)

That Cheeta Autobiography looks like a fun one! You must tell us how it is!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Sam :)

More books you lucky birhday girl! Dali sure did have some great titles for his artwork. I bet that book is awesome! The Cheeta book looks kind of interesting also, even though I haven't seen any Tarzan movies/shows. Enjoy your lovely reading material Sam!

The Couch print is lovely. I agree!

great books. I could sit and flip through those for hours. seems like your birthday was fab...yay!

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