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October 19, 2009


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She is a fabulous new girl, Sam!
Adore your inspirations as well.
Hope the rest of the ladies won't get jealous of her...hee*
Salute to your Spring Season down under!

mon ami, comment est-on arrivé à ce

Bianca is beautiful! Like all of your ladies, there is so much depth of expression in her lovely face.

I'm so envious that you had tartan jodphurs! I'm trying to replace a pair of blue/green/black tartan winter wool shorts that I had about 10 years ago. I put on a few pounds and they didn't fit me, so I finally gave them away last year. However, now they would fit me again and I'm sad that I don't have them anymore. The quest for a replacement pair is ongoing...

Bianca.. so beautiful.
I love the way she is looking at us!
I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to come around and visit and I just noticed all the juicy posts.. hihi
I'm going to read the all now!

Love Bianca's hair and pussy bow - so gorgeous!

biana is beautiful and she has good taste b/c that bow is spectacular. :)

That is really great. You are very talented. I like it a lot. Have a nice week. Cheers!

Bianca visités pour donner frenemies secrets importants (peu cependant) à jouer un rôle majeur dans un jeu d'espionnage. Pour aider votre propre ennui. Vous me dites de «s'amuser avec elle» - souvenez-vous? Eh bien, je ne cesse de rire.

Tu continue, je continue, thats juste.

Ah oui, et je me demande pourquoi plusieurs de ces postes sont si «juteux» - heureux que vous appréciez que, peu étrange cependant.

Love her... and love the look of pussy bows. I think they would look silly on me...maybe a littler one would work. I lover your stuff Sam, it's incredible.

Bianca is lovely, Sam! I hope you had a great weekend!

beautiful! and my it would have been so fun to dress up in that era!!!!!

She's beautiful Sam!! I adore her expression and I very much see the glamourous starlet you went for... imagine how fantastic to have one's hair styled that way?! :)

Wishing you a wonderful new week!

Bianca is FAB!!! Sooo Hollywood!

Bianca and her pussy bow are takes a chic miss to look glamorous with one accessory...

Sam, Bianca is soo pretty! Love her hair and make up. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

I can see the resemblance!
i love her brooding look!

sam, bianca is just beautiful and yes, mega stylish! but then it's quite obvious who's she's inspired by.

have a great week, love!

She is GORGEOUS! I won one of your bird drawings a while back and I just love it!

Bianca is a beauty! She looks a little bit like my Aunty Ruth! All of your lovely gals are super stylish Sam. With or without pretty pussy bows!

Hope you're having a great week. Happy Hump day!

Bianca is lovely; I adore her blue bow.

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