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October 29, 2009


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Ahhh jacaranda tree, how I miss thee! xx

It looks so beautiful. I could definitely use a stroll. It's been one of those weeks.

Gorgeous trees! I'm glad I can experience Spring through your blog, while we're getting into Autumn over here! :) And what lovely furry friends.

No, no, no! These photographs are just too stunning for words. Honestly, so breathtaking. I feel as if I've died and gone to heaven looking at them! :)

looks like the perfect stroll!

Beautiful photos! Beautiful animals! glad to see the weather is getting better!

What an absolutely GORGEOUS walk... trés jealous!!!

oh my! Sam, those purple/blue trees are amazing... everything in our local park has either green, gold or red leaves just now, (or that rotting brown colour if you look on the ground!) i would love to see one of these 'jacaranda' trees in the middle of it all... but as google has just told me it is highly unlikely that it would like it here in chilly scotland!
emma & spanner

Oh what beautiful trees! I never seen anything quite like them. Gorgeous.

I looove all your photos especially the kitty cat ones...cats can be quite hard to photograph!! Ginger kitty is very sweet you can just tell through your photos. One of my fav things about going for walks is meeting with random friendly kitties along the way.

Those trees are amazing! I like the cat photos too.

Oh sam these are gorgeous photos! I really enjoyed your walk! :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

I was just looking at your photographs and I swear I know exactly where you were to take them!

Jaffa is gorgeous! It's a shame he's camera shy!

Gosh I felt calm and happy just lookingat the pics from your walk...and just a thought re Jaffa...maybe he has a secret and is part of the witness protection program!

that gorgeous tree is unbelievable!
Love the name Jaffa, beautiful!!
~Greetings via Paris*

That top jacaranda is indeed a beauty! Spring time in Australia is just the best!!! Thanks so much for sharing the delights of your beautiful walk. Jaffa looks like a real cutie. Even without his face visible. I imagine he has a sweet face :)

I'm so jealous that you have daylight savings. We don't have it here in Queensland and it greatly annoys me. We don't have it here because it greatly annoys our cows. Apparently. They get confused because they like routine. Good grief. If cows in other parts of Oz cope I'm sure ours could manage. The powers that be here in Qld need to have more faith in our cows and their ability to adapt to change methinks.

Ok, rant over. It's Friday. Happy now! Have yourself a super weekend Sam xo

What gorgeous views dear Sam! I love your city and your walks are amazing... especially with all the adorable cats lingering.

Ginger is such a perfect kitty name. :)

I also am enamored with your jacaranda trees. Such beautiful trees.

thanks for including me on your walk, i needed that. the vivid purple on that tree brings a smile to my face.

That tree is absolutely incredible, I want one in my yard!

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