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October 24, 2009


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How interesting-I like the world cup or FA cup final days here for that very reason-it's fun to be alone on the streets! Lovely race going girl!

It's always amazed me how the whole country embraces this horse race. I think I'm one of the few who doesn't get terribly excited about it. I want to get excited about it. I really really do! But it just never happens. I have to say that your lovely 'A Day at the Races' drawing has made the event a whole lot more exciting for me! Hope you're having an awesome weekend Sam xo

FA Cup final actually sounds like a heap of fun! I remember when Australia made it to the (something or other) finals in the world cup a few years back and I could hear cheering out of most windows on my way to work at 7:00am in the morning. Now that was exciting!

Tracy, Tracy - yes sometimes it can be a bit over the top! However, I am slightly envious of Melbourne folk who get the day off!!

Sounds fabulous...
Seen those events not in person unfortunately, adore all the whimsical hats they wear! Love her green eyes Sam, matches her head dressing...or I should say the other way around! Have a lovely weekend~xo*

how exciting!

reminds me of my years in London, attending Ascot. i was always so last minute when shopping for my trilby!

beautiful as always!

what a fabulous event! i wish i could attend with hat in tow!

and your drawing is lovely!

AHAH, i love the pun! NO need to apologize!

I wonder what your hat will look like if you attend!

She looks beautiful! She's be the prettiest girl at the races, I think ;)

She's gorgeous and I want her hat!

her hat is amazing and that even sounds pretty cool too (i live in such a boring place!)

What a beautiful headpiece. I always love seeing Ascot on the television every year, just because all of the amazing hats lol.

Love the headgear! Beautiful piece!

we have the Grand National here in the UK, but i don't think we take it quite so seriously as you take the Melbourne Cup!

is your headpiece going to be anything like this lovely lady's pretty blue rose number? i shall be expecting a pic btw! the wee man would love to see it too... ;)

(apologies for lurking lately, i've been a bit swamped with stuff of late :) )


Nice illustrations.
Do you have works in flickr?

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