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September 21, 2009


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And the hippeastrums in the background set off the red vest beautifully too!

These little guys dress better than me ;)

Gorgeous little fashionistas here dear Sam. Thank god I'm on the mend here...what a nightmare! I've got a chronic lung condition and manage to ignore it 99 percent of the time...but every couple of years the particular bugs (TB family) make me very ill and I have to go through hospitalisation and iv drugs... It really knocks me flat and the whole experience this time was particularly is looking brighter and I'm determined to enjoy every moment and do more nice things! Thanks for means a lot to me. I hope life is going well for you. Love Chrisy

These are adorable! So dapper.

Fashion on birds--what a great idea! I like vests a lot.

Oh, stunning!
Vests are so versatile. Dressy ones with embellishments and sequins with great shoes and skinnies look awesome and basic ones with more elaborate skirts look great :D

What an adorable model Jeremy makes! Love these prints so much Sam!!! So will the dashing Jeremy be the model for the Winter and Summer collections also? I guess we'll have to wait to find out :)

I adore your fashion paitnings! They look soo cute! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

I love them both! They look great in their little vests. :)

Trés magnifique!! Such handsome and stylish wear... I can just imagine the adorable runway show.♥♥♥

Such truly handsom robins!!
Hope you have a splendid week, dear Sam!

jeremy is a fantastic model and he's really showing off those vests quite nicely. i can't wait to see your coverage of fashion week too!

GAhhhhhH! When Jeremy flicked up in his vest-wearing glory, a big smile spread over my face.

Oh, they are completely adorable, and I love the idea.

J'adore these birds... très ADoRABLE!!!

they are just perfect, sam!

Love their proud chests Sam!
they look so dapper!!
ps: I'm going back home soon, i'm sure your print has arrived, can't wait to open it! Christmas day! ~xo*

I am absolutely loving the red autumn look :) I so need to buy a waistcoat lol. Oh and the photograph was of stained glass windows on display in the Victoria & Albert Museum. Hope you're having a wonderful day :)

i love these stylish and colorful fluffy and puffed up little birds!

ACK!! These are so CUTE!!! I love them. Once I'm making some extra spending money, I must buy prints. I want those on my wall!

oh my, those little guys are too cute!!

PS. I'll be here until early October, which doesn't seem so far away. Time sure flies.

oh Sam! Jeremy is just fabulous!

ps.I am very much so looking forward to your version :)

these birds are so so cute!!

i love ur art dear.. jeremy is really lovely :D :D

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