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September 30, 2009


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Yay for Autumn and Winter, such amazing looks! Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

I love them. Well done!!!

Adorable Sam! My favorite is the 'Winter Look'... I seriously think we have to rename the 'Cat Walk' though... maybe a Feather Walk? Not fierce enough maybe? :)

oh i love little jeremy and his fabulous looks! and i REALLY like that he is not emaciated like all the models i see in mags! :)

Dear sam, they are sooo lovely and adorable! He looks sooo smart and beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

awww...I adore these so much!!! He is way too cute.

I knew Jeremy would be this lovely, simply knew it! I'm so charmed Sam! I'm pretty sure all the hottest agencies will be calling now!

I want them all! I have a bird theme going on in my kitchen and they will be perfect in there. I'll be buying Jeremy very soon. Love your work!
Do you have a girl with the name Brandie? one that you've drawn? most of your work looks like my daughter-in-law ... thanks for all you do!

Sam, Jeremy is truly something else, I think he is all set for the catwalk..or errr maybe a the birdwalk :) WORK IT Jeremy!! :) hehhe

Have a great night Sam!!

This reminds me of how a professor of mine used to dress. I was totally obsessed with his style. The ties are so cute!

I adore your Jeremy! Hey he would make a great calendar model! A different look for each month! Have you ever thought of creating calendars featuring your artwork? You may have alread done this, but if not, you should consider it! You could release a bunch of different ones (art deco ladies one, birds etc...). You may even still have time to organise some and stock your shop in time for this Christmas! Maybe this idea isn't very appealing to you but I find it so hard to find nice calendars, so the idea of you creating some featuring your lovely artwork really appeals to me :D


how well dressed little men.. :)

he's my new FAVORITE model. seriously

Dear Sam,
I have a crush on Jeremy!
;) I've always loved little birds and Jeremy isn't just a little bird, he's a little bird, with little outfits that make him look so cute!
I hope you are having a splendid wednesday!

These are all awesome. Great job. I love them all. Hope you're doing well. Cheers!

he's so good looking, i think any top designer label would go mad for him. do you think he'd like to do our shows? : )


Darling Sam, these are so precious! Fabulous work! I especially love Winter!


This is so incredibly adorable. I can actually picture Jeremy scuttling down the runway in his seasonal ensembles! such a clever idea! :)

This is absolutely gorgeous! Jeremy is so handsome!

The vests are fantastic.

just visited your etsy shop and I just love these little birds especially the yellow one. I also like your mermaid series, so lovely.

he is so adorable Sam! he was totally made for modelling waistcoats! are you planning a calendar...?

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