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September 20, 2009


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Pretty! I love shadows.

The shot is simply breathtaking, it's lovely!


Welcome to the fun and this is a fantastic shadow shot! Just doesn't get any better! Look forward to more!

Have a great day!


great blog! i have lenore to thank. love your drawings and the way you mix photography etc.

Yay you finally joined in Sam! This is such a cool shot too! And yes I remember seeing it a while back on your Adelaide themed post and commenting on the shadow! Hey don't worry if your pics aren't super shadowy. Subtle shadows are just as lovely, so please feel free to post your intended shot another time!

Thanks heaps for joining in SSS! Let's hope Gabbi shares some more shadows this week too!

I laughed at your description of me being 'wonderfully effervescent' Sam! I think people who have close contact with me on a daily basis would laugh too! You are too kind :) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday xo

Wow, that shot sure was amazing! Where is it taken? And what camera did u use?

have a wonderful weekend!


Tree stripped for winter
stands like an ancient justice
outside the courthouse.

My Shadow Shot

wonderful shadows from a wonderful tree...

Oh wow, what an absolutely beautiful shot!! Hope you're having a lovely weekend dear :)

Lovely shadow shot dear Sam!! You're so awesome for mentioning me on your post... you're my blog best friend you realize :) I know what you mean about photos not feeling shadowy enough! I stare at them forever thinking... is that shadow shadowy enough? Such a fan of the gallery♥

I love that building :) Adelaide is great for photography

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