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September 25, 2009


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I love Drew!! Such gorgeous outfit displays... my fave is her yellow dress. This Saturday they're having a sneak peak of her new film 'Whip it!' which I really want to catch!

Hope you're having a lovely lovely week! *bises*

I adore Drew too! Lovely photos of her! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Love the blue one

Yes I'm a real fan of hers too...such a fun personality...and with a brain!...the Alexander McQueen's my fav here...

She's amazing!

oooo...omigoodness. I love the teal and yellow&black ensembles. You are right,she does look fabulous. I have always liked her as well,I find there is something endearing about her..she seems so sweet and like a person I'd want to hang around with..haha.
She's a cutie!

She is LOVEliness!
Sam, I got your 4prints in the mail, more beautiful in person!! Thank you once again, they are waiting to be framed & also find a perfect spot on the wall... ~xo*

She is divine! I always admire the fact that takes risks and is an individual...and still always manages to be pretty darn cute! That yellow dress with black lace is amazing!

Hello dear Sam! Just stopping by to wish you a lovely weekend and to thank you for your James Mason share!! :) Very cute, and I can very much imagine it. George sends his love!!

Her style just keeps evolving and getting more polished and fabulous! Gorgeous post!


i LOVE the mcqueen dress! DIVINE! and the diagonal striped number is also gorgeous!

Yay a Drew post! I love Drew! She's so sassy and smart! Drew looks gorgeous in all these photos! I'm sure Drew would still look beautiful in old raggy trackies and a grotty t-shirt ;)

It's the weekend! Woohoo! Have an awesome weekend Sam!

All of these outfits are so neat! She must have a lot of fun dressing up. :)

Drew has such great style. She seems to just have fun with fashion, and never takes it too seriously. Love her!

Hello Sam,
Thank you stopping by at my blog and saying "hello"!

You have a lovely blog and I'll definitely be back for more!

I love Drew too! That girl can do no wrong!

I would love to see Winona Ryder, my other girl-crush when I was a teenager, make a comeback. x

drew is one of my absolute faves. this roundup is awesome! did you see what she wore to the emmys? gorgeous. (p.s. i LOVE winona too!)

Drew's style is synonymous with the mantra that accompanies a fine wine - it only improves with age. Love these looks! :)

She seems to have maintained some sense of herself, some daggy, quirky, this-is-me thing.

I think this is the first fashion post I've read here and I love it!
The description of Drew is so true! I love how she has grown, she's playful and sexy all at once! Love this post, Sam!

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