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September 09, 2009


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Crikey. The one called Tango should have been called Surprise. What is that woman doing hangin' it all out there like that?

I absolutely love the pictures :)where are these from?

Ooh, I'll have to check out the giveaway!!! George Barbier's stuff is awesome - I bought a calendar full of things like this earlier this year... I was intending to cut out the pictures and frame them, but I forgot! :)

The first one is amazing!

Luv you & Gabbi! My sweet creative talented ladies!! xo*

Gabbi is awesome, and the interview was such a treat.
A cat free internet?? NOOOO!!! have a beautiful blog!! Thanks so much for your more than kind comment! I can't wait to check out your blog...your artwork is soo amazing. I will have to enter that little contesty-poo. I adore your appreciation of cats!!!

gabbi is the sweetest, but so are you!

about 9/09/09 as the official cat free internet day. don't think so!

Hahaha! Kate - you crack me up!! You're right though - what on earth is she doing - oh those roaring '20s - they were pretty wild!

Frank&Remy - I got them all from Google images...I'm a bit bad I didn't credit them - sorry folks!

Rebecca - you're a GB fan! The GBs would look lovely framed I think!

Yes, parapluie - it's gorgeous - very famous that one!

Love you too Lenore - have a terrific holiday/ work trip - and I am soo looking forward to the photos!! XX

Diana! I know! I read about it on my number one fave site: Cute Overload!! Diabolical plot me thinks!

Thank you so much Kathleen! ...fellow cat fancier!!

Thank you Miriam - ...and you by the way too!! free day - it did seem strange to me!

"scuttlebutt" oh my gosh, can i please, please, pretty please steal that word?! it's my new favorite word!!
i already entered your giveaway at gabbi's and my fingers are crossed:)

Hi Sam. I love these artworks - how cute are they!

Re Valentino - the film is out on September 17 and shows his farewell show for 45 years in the business with behind the scenes look at his relationship too. It's stunning and very, very funny. While there are no cats, there are five adorable pugs though, and they kind of upstage everyone!

P.S thanks for the advice about the shoes. I went with the second pair!

I love his work dear Sam! He had such a way with dresses didn't he? Also, thank you so much for the post mention and for the interview. You're amazing♥

Don't you just want to jump into the parties in these images?

That is such a great interview! Gabbi and you are amazing! These images are gorgeous...i love the first one most! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Dear Sam!
it was so great to read your interview over at Gabbi's! I'm a big fan of you artwork and it's great to learn more about you and how you work!
I have my fingers crossed for the giveaway!

love, love, love this post!

These pictures are beautiful! I love how extravagant they are.

These picture are so gorgeous! In fact, your whole blog is gorgeous! I love the almost gothic 1920's vibe I get from it :)

I certainly most agree - Gabbi's blog is a genuine gem, as is she.

These pictures are simply lovely. I'm obsessed with the 1920s, and currently reading Anita Loos' "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" - each one of these prints is reminiscent of such a time! :)

Gorgeous illustrations, darling!

And I loved your feature on Felinofelice ~ isn't Gabbi the best?


i want to live in these pics

Barbier is absolutely incredible!! I want to be a character in his illustrations!

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