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September 28, 2009


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Hello mate, ยง;-)

Million thanks that you came to peeped me back. It's unusual that new bloggie friends have the heart to drop by.

Your post today, is awesome. I love pets unfortunately, GH (great hubby) is fur allergy so for me and lil daughter, is desperating.

Have a wonderful Monday pm, downunder.


i love the first and the last one because they're so stylish and because the combination is a bit unusual. i have a strong penchant for ugly dogs. i'd probably choose a basset hound myself!
hope you're having a lovely monday sam.

Oh I love dogs and these are very stylist pooches! Thank you for sharing with us Sam. I always enjoy looking at your finds.

oooh la la...these are so classy and adorable. I would love to have some photos like this taken with my two kitty cats. Cats are elegant too, non?

WHAT FANTASTIC SHOTS!!! and pets make the world a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better place. :)

Made me smile wiiiide Sam!
I'm charmed~

I love these photographs too much. There's something so charming about a woman dressed to the nines with a little (or big) pooch by her side. J'adore! :)

What a fantastic post, darling! Love all these photos ~ great job on collecting and presenting them!


i have such a thing for great danes, they're almost majestic. nice post, i think i'm going to have to get the book.

This is really cool! I'm sure you knew, but did you know Audrey used to have a deer for a pet?? Imagine! I'd rather stick with a precious cat myself :)

Adorable Sam!! I want want the book... my fave is the one where the puppy is chasing the ball.

I know I said no more pets after George but maybe a puppy now. :)

Good colection. Guau guau!!

Thank you SO MUCH for this post! I need to get my little paws on this book.

The dogs just look SO GLAM

Oh, this is most excellent!! I love that pug best of all. :) It's so funny how the dogs match up with their owners - each pair seems to share a similar demeanor. So adorable.

Looks like a fabulous book with gorgeous people and fashion and well as pooches!

These are incredible. Great photos. I adore them all. Thanks for posting these. I hope your week started off well. Cheers!

Sam, these are fabulous shots! I'm loving the 2nd and last ones especially, for the clothing :) ....but I'll take all the puppies!! Hope you have a great day Sam!

I mentioned your post on my blog today!

I came here from Aurea's blog. The pics are so glamorous and the for legged companions add a touch that give sense to the whole picture.

Oh my Sam! These photos are gorgeous and soooo beautiful! I adore dogs lots! I used to have a little dog named "Pocky". His sooo cute. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

I'm not even much of a dog person, but I definitely love these pictures, particularly the first. Thanks for sharing!

I love the photos you chose. It seems that each one has something special going on.

love this post. Mary-Laure from Aurea brought me here. How I wish my Norm would make it to the pages of vogue!

So sweet! I totally love dogs in fashion shots.

Well I don't think I've ever seen a dog related post here before Sam! I'm glad to find one because I LOVE dogs. Even more than cats! And I love cats a whole lot. Gorgeous poochy post! I'm trying to imagine my ratbag of a dog Sophie gracing the pages of Vogue. Ha! About as likely as me gracing the pages of Vogue! ;D

This make me want a dog so badly! Have you seen the Valentino movie with his 6 pugs? Oh adorable.

I love the pics you shoes

Beautiful ! We love Jean:

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