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September 26, 2009


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These cats make my heart leap with happiness!!

These are the best cat drawings *Ever*. I really like the two in the middle. :)

I am a self-professed cat lady; thus, these make me giddy. Oh, you are so talented. I would love it if a veterinarian's office had paintings like these decorating their stark white walls. It would be the ideal way to spruce the place up! :)

I love this post. I adore cats. I'm also a big fan of Andy Warhol. I've actually been thinking about doing a blog post on him. Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far. Cheers!

such a great post!! Cats, Cats, Cats!! :)

Hope you are having a great weekend Sam!

I like the purple cat! Is he called Sam? There was an amazing Warhol exhibition here in Bris early last year and there were so many gorgeous books of his work that I wanted to buy. The ones I really wanted were too expensive so I ended up purchasing a coffee mug with a Warhol quote on it. "I like boring things" it says. Yup. Sums me up! But it makes me feel a little bit special because Warhol liked boring things too ;D

i'm more of a bog fan but this illustrated cats are so sweet!

I have to get my paws on this book..I have been fascinated by Andy Warhol forever and well you know how I feel about cats!!! These are great illustrations, I just love the colors. They remind me of yours slightly, similar shades!!

these are amazing!
i'm more of a puppy fan, but looking at these make me want to have a cat or two : )

I these these paintings are not as recognized as his other popular ones and I think they deserve it!

I love his cats dear Sam!! My favorite is the blue one :)

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