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September 12, 2009


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Oh oh oh, I love that you posted about the Jump Book! I had only knew about it a few weeks ago because it was mentioned in an Audrey Hepburn book I borrowed. So thank you for sharing! It's such a brilliant concept, and I especially love the one with Marilyn Monroe.
AND... I was actually just browsing for "jumping" photos since yesterday, there's something very joyful about the act of jumping! So again, love your post ^_^

Love love love the jump photos! What a fantastic idea. Hope you enjoy your time off Sam.

Something about jumping poses that make me feel so happy! "...weeehhh!!!" Happy weekend Sam! ~xo*

I so love these photographs; they make me want to jump up myself! :)

I hope that you have a wonderful two weeks off - get lots of rest and relaxation! Happy weekend! :)

Happy Weekend, Sam!

Yippee is right, darling! Love these pics!

Enjoy your weekend, Sam!


et bien, je suis RAVIE de découvrir ce blog !
génial !

These are such happy pictures! And I love that rhino. :) Hope you have an exciting break!!

love all these shots sam!
have a great weekend!

Those are fun images

What a joyous post Sam! I can imagine you jumping around like a crazy loon right now with the excitement of being on HOLIDAYS! I'm not jumping. I'm stomping around with jealousy ;) Have a super holiday! You've chosen the perfect time of year for having time off. I bet spring in Sydney is glorious! Keep us updated here with your holiday adventures. And I'm expecting to see lots of lovely new art! Enjoy your break Sam! xo

Haha, that quote is totally true--I honestly can't seem to control myself at all when I take jump shots. The first pictures are so wonderfully joyful! Nice find.

O my goodness! All those jumping photos on the blogosphere have an actual artistic reference?! I love love love this. And the quote about how when someone is asked to jump in a photo, their mask falls off and their true self is revealed. I must be very very enthusiastic and a wee bit dorky because that's how I always look jumping.

I love photos in which people jump :)

1. No YOU are a doll!

2. This post made me so happy and it's already Sunday! So thank you lovey! And I am dying to win Gabbi's your work! XO

Oh these are amazing!! Yay! They make me happy!!! I love crazy action shots like these in photos and the jump book is pure genius. I hope you had a funfun weekend. I adored your lil' story about the tuxedo cat.
Have a Super Great Vacation!!

I love these action shots...i hope you had an amazing weekend.

Wow! Thanks for introducing me to his work. I have never heard of the Jump Book -- what fantastic idea. Isn't it interesting that the "jump" has become such a common motif in fashion photography. I guess it came from him!? I love the Dali photo with the nudes -- so crazy!

The jumping pics are so marvelous.

this photographer reminds me another one, more "contenporain"
Denis Darzacq, regarding jumps too. You can see his job at

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