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September 18, 2009


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tee hee. i am relieved that you no longer have dreds! no offense! i always want to hack them off others and i know that just isn't right or fair of me!

whahaha...I trim/cut my own hair! Having a 3-way mirror helps a lot darling! Happy Friday Sam!! ~xo*

Cute story about your perm. :) WOW you cut your own hair? Thatz so impressive! I always have to get the professionals to trim it for me. hehe Have a lovely merry happy day dear Sam! And a wonderful merry happy weekend. (we are having a 4 day long weekend here!) Love to you!

I guess it saves a lot of money cutting your own hair! I used to have such a fear of hairdressers when I was younger, but I think I'm a bit more relaxed now.

i love this, the mod shop : )

These are cute! I used to be terrified of getting my hair cut - went without so much as a trim for a few years once. I've come to realize that my hair can't really be ruined because it's already so crazy. :)

you cut your own hair?! I wish I could do that! I'm not fond of going to the hairdressers either. For the whole 7 years I've lived in Australia, I've never been to a hairdresser there. I always have my hair cut when I go home for the holidays in Indonesia by the same lady. So I'll be sure to get my hair cut soon!


Love these cartoons, especially the last one!

Would adore seeing a pic of the new 'do, darling!


Hi hi, so cute!

Hey!! I trim/cut my own hair too hehe :) I hope you have an amazing weekend Sam!

I love his work and your cartoon picks dear Sam! I'm lucky that my Sis cuts it for me, but I've had such disasters in the past too. Worst was when this girl gave me what I dubbed the 'the mullet'. Nightmare.

Wishing you a lovely weekend dearest Sam!!♥♥

Haha! These are fab Sam! :D

Fun cartoons! Thanks for the giggles! Hey I cut my own hair too! It's not due to a fear of hairdressers so much but more to do with having to engage in small talk. Most hairdressers are far too chirpy and chatty for me and I find a barrage of personal questions thrown at me from a relative stranger quite uncomfortable. It's not their fault and I have no issues with hairdressers. It's part of their job. I only find the experience all too overwhelming because I'm shy I guess...

Sam I really can't imagine you ever having dreadlocks. I have always pictured you with a bob haircut like some of the lovely girls that you draw :)

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