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August 16, 2009


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That book looks endlessly entertaining!

Sunday is going swell dearest Sam and your book looks and sounds like great fun! My favorite is the cold and warm fronts... :D

Ha- so funny!

Hahahaha! Warm front cold front is pretty priceless. What a fantastic collection. And jealous for that amazing hot weather. Spring is coming really early I think.

Who'd have thought, an Austrian flautist! Reminds me of an obituary that was in the local paper here last week...which included the words 'I feel sorry for all who knew him'!

It is pretty entertaining The Clothes Horse! It's a very cute size to - it just fits into the palm of your hand.

Hi dear Gabbi! Glad to hear that your Sunday is good!

Glad you like it Jill - it's pretty tame humour but it made me giggle nevertheless.

Yes Ana it's been very warm - although I suspect that it will get cooler again for sure! What about in your neck of the woods?

Heee! That's so funny Chrisy! :)

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