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August 01, 2009


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Awesome buy dear Sam!!! I'm such a fan of Antoine Doinel. The 400 Blows was one of those films that sort of changed my life... very much a cliché, I know, but it's true :) I haven't seen the whole collection though. Such a handsome face too... :D

some of these are not on netflix...booo...

thank you so much for such an interesting post. it is perfect: the composition, the pics, and links(!) to further reading.

we enjoyed reading it and are now more motivated than ever to watch the movie set. :-)

He is a remarkable film maker...studied a little about him when I was in school. if not mistaken, he was also enamoured with Alfred Hitchock &even wrote a book about him?! Both facinating men, seldom we find passionate people like them these days! Enjoy a great weekend, Sam! ~xo*

oooh, these definitely sound like a set of films i could get into.
have a great weekend!

Wow and wow. I sooo need to hunt down a copy of 400 Blows!! Hope you're having a beautiful weekend dear :)

Dear Gabbi - it is a life changer isn't it! If you haven't seen the whole collection then that really is something to look forward to! Lucky you! XX

Oh! That's no good Diana - what about DVD? No?

Thank you so much O'Dasor De! They really are worth while seeing - a completely delightful set of films to be sure!

Yes! Lenore - Hitchcock was his favourite and he did a very famous interview with him and it was published in a book. He was quite the fan of his work - he had lots of references to Hitchcock in his films.

I think you'd love them Christina - being the arty gal that you are! Something to look forward to!

Have a great weekend too DK! I think you'd enjoy these films for the fashions alone actually!

Oh, they sound lovely!

I never hear of those movies, but id love to see them(i enjoyed watching the '7 up' show, interesting).

Unfortunately the dvd rentals around where i live are really crap and full of stupid hollywood bs from the last 5 years, its frustrating, there is not enough art house/old movies around, most of the new commercial movies are SO crap!!

Oh yeah! Dinner with a sweetheart followed by some French New Wave goodness is a perfect evening! The 400 Blows is a masterpiece, and you scored well at shop. I must keep an eye out for that DVD set. Hope you've had a super weekend Sam. Maybe even some sunshine is Sydney? Hope so :)

That quote at the end! It's such a creative artist thing to say ;) Tehehe. Sounds like true shopping serendipity for you. Enjoy.

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