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August 19, 2009


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Love that portrait in the bath tub...the tiara crown is a nice touch! My mom adores all the Royal drama, I used to get alot of scoops from her... Mad Men is so good, have some self-control to wait for the weekend?! I guess it's always nice to have something exciting to look fwd to!


That portrait in the bath is wonderful! So tongue in cheek!
I didn't see this series, but I have taken to Mad Men finally. I am kind of hooked now. See! Look what you did. I got to watch some of the new series on my mothers pay TV last week. Very cool. (Knew she was pregnant before she gave birth, silly thing!)

Wow. She was gorgeous!

Hate it when the chosen viewing disappoints. I chose Duplicity on DVD for Sunday night down time. Grrr. What a waste.
Now, Mad Men series II. Where did he find it? Is it out in stores now?

Oh Lenore! The self control is making my knuckles go white!! But...I couldn't just watch one episode and then plod off to work - no! I want to suck it all in in one gigantic sitting!!

Ha ha Emma!! I got you hooked on Magnificent Mad Men!! Tee hee!! P.S. I had no idea she was peggas!! But that was soooo last season darling - I'm watching season two now!! Well this weekend I will be anyway!!

Hey Jill! She was a stunner to be sure!! Apparently she was very popular with the gents for that reason!

I often find these bio-picks a disappointment Kate! I don't know why I keep watching them!! They are never as much fun as the real thing!! I must desist!

As for Mad Men - I've been hovering around the very spot in the DVD store where it was due to appear for a few weeks now ready to pounce the split second it arrived - my boyfriend got there before me bless his cotton socks!! Big brownie points for him let me tell you!!

She is really gorgeous and i too love the portrait in the bath. :) Enjoy your Mad Men over the weekend! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

The bio may have been a flop but your post was very informative dear Sam! I really knew very little about her but loved those charming photographs you shared and your lovely illustration is amazing (as always!).

I'm so behind on the Mad Men thing... must catch up now.

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday. I'm sort of happy because I have tomorrow (Wed) off! Almost like a Friday today. *bises*

Yes, it's a good 'un isn't it Jacqueline!! She looks a bit cheeky!! Have a lovely week too!

Thank you Gabbi - I left out so much about her but I thought as I wasn't a royal blogger it wasn't the time or the place to include it all - although I would have liked to!

You lucky thing having Wednesday off!! ...and as for Mad Men that really is something you can save for a long rainy day in!! Have a lovely day sweetie!

That bathtub portrait is perfect. Very scandalous in such a demure way!

I hope you enjoyed your Mad Men! I've still yet to see the show - shame on me, I know - but I've heard wondrous things! :)

your interpretation is so cute...loving the little flip of the hair!

Love the bathtub photo! Season 2 Mad Men is so addictive! You're going to love it. I'm going to start re-watching Season 1 + 2 now with some friends because it's just too cool.

Also finally moved to Cyprus and got your package! Thanks ever so much for that extra special Sam love! xxx

A lovely sure Margaret would have approved...didn't see the doco but have seen one in the past but not particularly memorable so maybe the same one...hope your week's gone well..lots of sick people round this place and a real drag of a week...but hey...things have to get better. Expect we'll be seeing some of thos Mad Men characters sasheyin into your work!

Ok, so maybe I'll give this film a miss then. Doesn't sound great! I do love your Margaret illustration Sam! Season two of Mad Men? Ha! I bet you've started watching it already because you just couldn't wait until the I right? If not, I'm impressed by your self control :D

I really like that photo of her in the bath tub. Not the kind of photo you expect from the royal family, which makes it all the more fascinating!

PS. That's so interesting that my photo background look like Sydney! Ah, I really need to come visit Sydney again soon!

Oh, that's interesting, I've actually never heard of her.

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