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August 31, 2009


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It looks like a great view! If my place looked like your couple of photos, I would be out all the time!

Those cockatoos do make a weird sound, don't they? We have a pair roosting in bushland behind us and we can hear them moving about up there.

wow, one of the good things about living in Australia! Excotic comes in mind at this moment, Sam!
Lovely new week to you~


Beautiful! I'd love to know more about birds to be able to identify them when I see them flittering around.

Beautiful birds. We have had sulphur crested cockatoos in our almond tree before and they are huge!

Sounds like a lovely day! I want to see some cockatoos (in real life)!! :)

Hey I'm jealous that you have black cockatoos where you are! I like him! Or her! I only ever see the white ones with the yellow crests. And talk about noisy! It seems that around 5am each morning they like to make the most noise. Ratbags they are! Gorgeous sunday photos Sam. Hope your week is off to a good start :)

oh wow, what a great close up of that black cockatoos!

i can see where all your inspiration comes from.

what a cute bird (all i ever see in the trees are squirrels).

I'm a little scared of birds...they look like they could do some harm ;) The trees are amazing!

What a pretty Sunday dear Sam! I love your yellow & black cockatoos especially... they remind me of my sisters dinosaur parrot! Will send you a photo of her soon... :)

O my goodness!!! That cocaktoo looks incredibly huge. I have two canaries at home and they are tiny in comparison.

Gorgeous photos!

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