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August 25, 2009


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The three 'up dos' here are just fabulously gorgeous and make me contemplate growing my hair again!

i have no idea what you're talking about, what is this ~ Mad Men!?
...or was that really the wrong thing to say ;)

it seems that with my lack of blog reading last week i totally missed your competition...

*disappointed sigh*

woo-hoo! i haven't missed it, i got my dates mixed up and thought it ended last week... :D

we're almost done with season one! i love it a little more with each episode. i'll eventually catch up to you!

Sam, I can totally empathize! While watching the season, I had absolutely no one to discuss this with.

As for season 2, I mean seriously Don, WHAT THE HELL?

Joan is so above that guy, and as regards Peggy's replacement, I cannot stand her.

Peggy is my favorite for sure. Her character's really developing in this season.

Can't wait till you watch more. So many surprises!!!

I'm soooo behind on the Mad Men... this weekend I'm getting the DVD's from the rental thingy so I can catch up. For sure.

Hope you're having a lovely week dearest Sam...♥

I don't watch this series "Mad Men" but you make me wanna check it out. :) Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

Ugh! I hate Jane...she's like a much less awesome version of Joan. And I totally had the same thought about the Father...I'm just waiting for his dirty laundry to come out like everyone else's.

I know how it is to love something that nobody in the 'real' world has any interest in! Very frustrating! Hooray for the blogosphere! It's a great space to share interests with like-minded folk. I don't even watch Mad Men (I will one day!) and I enjoyed your post anyway! Love your enthusiasm for the series! And the pictures were pretty :D

I'm so with you, Sam! and I think the 3rd season will only get dirtier.

Fantastic post, S! So agree with all your assessments!


I'm just getting into Mad Men now without watching anything else than this season-what a I'm glad that you are watching past episodes so that you'll actually know what the h is going on :0)lol.

My husband and I have been quickly making our way through season 2 as well! I'm actually really bummed that the next disc is going to be our last one... love it, love it!

Fiddlesticks, I am seriously in need of catching up on Mad Men!!

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