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August 12, 2009


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Haunted kitty trumps a haunted house anyoldday dear Sam!!! He sounds adorable though... maybe he had some kind of brain damage as a kitten? :(

And your illustration is lovely!! How could I have forgotten that... :) It's been a long day.

Thank you sweetie!! Yes, I'm a little concerned about this young lad - he's definitely a little "touched" as they say! Hope your week's going OK!

Love this kitty illustration! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to yoU!

If only animals could talk. Imagine the stories they'd have! I'd love to know what they make of humans. Or maybe not. Perhaps their thoughts are not very flattering! How cute it is that your cat friend chases you when you leave. I guess he wants to go home with you! There's a ginger tom living next door to me that has an obsession with my dog Sophie. He creeps over here and stalks my poor Sophie. Most disturbing to Soph, but very amusing to watch!

Hey I love your kitty illustration! A happy Wednesday to you Sam :)

I like what you've done with this illustration...the images above the head...if I had to be really loopy think I'd rather be a cat than a person...

What a wonderful post!

cute, but scary. never been good with demonised cats : )

Love the illustration. Sounds like this kitty is quite fond of you!

Demon-haunted ginger cat is lucky to have you as a friend! :)

So cute, darling! Always love visiting your blog :)


What a character! I often think cats have one foot in a world we don't know about - or may be he's just plain deranged!

This is a great story!

I hope your tights were not too expensive to replace. My other cat Zelda sounds a lot like this cat!
I love the illustration, too. I think we are more curious of cats than they are of us!

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