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August 13, 2009


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Such gorgeous rings Sam!!! I'm such a fan of enameled jewelry... I want I want... will try to find for both of us.

Ooohlala yes!
This designer is so charming!
Saw her video clip in before, she collects colorful Japanese plastic figurines! I was charmed!!

Oh my, I love love love those rings too! Absolutely gorgeous! Boo that they're not sold in Australia :( though I probably wouldn't be able to afford it, haha..

Thank you Gabbi dear!! *sigh* I haven't had this kind MUST. HAVE. IT. zombie-like feeling for a long time!

Yes Lenore I believe she is Karl Largerfeld's old designer. Incredible talent to say the least!

Ah! Anna - yes indeedy!! I bet they cost the earth!! Oh but aren't they worth it?! :)

oh my gosh, i need all of these! cocktails rings are such an easy pick-me-up.

Oh wow - the rings with all of the flowers are insanely gorgeous!

these pieces are perfectly DIVINE!! i love them! and i am greedy and i want them all! but i might just have to settle for one, and i am not sure if i can afford that!

if i find out more info i will let you know!!!!

I am drooooooling over here! I love them! I will try to help you out need one! :)

Sam these are gorgeous!! I love them im wondering if they have it here in Malaysia! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!

WOW!!! these are so beautiful, such a shame you can't find them in Aus! i think i will have to be content with the pretty pics though... ;)

the wee man says 'woof', he was at the barbers again yesterday so is looking and smelling especially spiffy! ...and after a few choccy drop treats when he got back he soon forgot about the trauma of it all... i shall try ro get a pic for you later... :)

Haha! Now that's a perfect excuse for having to head over to New York! And the cost of your return flight will likely be cheaper than one of those delightful rings ;) I hope somebody will be able to help you out with locating some. Although flying to NY and tracking them down yourself would be more fun! If you go, send me a postcard :D

These are amazing!! They're like a cornucopia of prettiness!!

Yes! Christina - you would just need to look at one of these beauties and you'd feel instantly happier! Sounds silly but it's true!

Totally with you Rebecca!! :)

Thank you Drollgirl - I would love to know more about them - I bet they cost an arm and a leg though!

Thank you, thank you Elizabeth...! They are divine, aren't they?

You know Jacqueline - I bet they do have them in Malaysia!

Oh Emma! Your wee man's had a hair cut and shampoo - be still my beating heart!! I bet he looks very dashing - can't wait to see the photos!

Yes, Tracy I think this calls for some affirmative action - as in hopping on planes and flashing the cash type of action - and yes I am fairly certain that these darlings cost more than jumbo jet I'd take to fly to New York in!! Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

Yes, yes Tara!! You have nailed it! Imagine having about four or five of them on your fingers!!! *sigh* bliss on earth!

i love this beautiful rings too!

Yes you MUST get one dear're right...this is the only piece you'd ever need! I wonder if ebay would have anything...

They're super fun and sweet, I agree! Would you be able to settle for just one, d'ya think?


i hope gabbi will find them for you - although if you do go to New York i'd happily join you : )

Hey! I know *exactly* what you mean. I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them. BUT help may be on the way because Diva did a fantastic knock off of them. I managed to score a ring which is not as gorgeous as the real thing of course, but good for my budget. What size finger are you? I don't wear it much anymore and would be happy to send it your way for some love. Email me:

Those rings are just divine!


ooh, the hunt can be exciting!

Lots of lovin' for those rings!! Glad to see it's not just me then! Thank you everyone for your two thumbs up!!...and Ana B I'll be in touch!!

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