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August 22, 2009


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Those covers are just gorgeous! I found a book in the library full of posters and magazine covers from the turn of the century and I had to photocopy just about every page in it, such amazing illustrations, so inspiring (and evny-inducing!)

Lovely paintings, first i thought u made them!

U are really into old/old style movies and stuff. Its nice, i like them, they transport me into a different time..:)

I am completely drooling over these wonderful! I agree that Mad Men is just fantastic!! One of the best shows in ages...
Have a lovely weekend!

Love these vintage covers, darling!

Hope you are having a fab weekend!


These are really cool, I never knew Vogue had covers like these - you learn something new everyday!

These are so beautiful!

I watched Mad Men season one in one day, so i know what you mean :\

These are so pretty!

Love the illustrations! Wow, like I said before, you have a great self control darling...I would have watched all in one seating haha...
Have a peaceful but enjoyable weekend! ~xo*

oh wow, these are so pretty...i just got the sept issue of vogue today and i'm pretty excited. i like these covers better though than the modern day ones.

They are all different to the digitally produced covers of today!

Oh I just love vintage magazine covers, but these are simply works of art!!

O gosh I really loved the one with the yellow flowers! I love the colours and slightly askew, amateur feel to the drawings. I'm very intrigued by your commission. Can't wait till news breaks about it.

These old vogue covers are fabulous! My fave one is the last picute with the little doggie! The commission sounds exciting and I'm looking forward to you sharing it! I imagine you are watching your beloved Mad Men DVDs as I am typing this. You did well not to view them all in one sitting! Enjoy your evening Sam :)

oh my goodness, I just love your style of drawing! it's so lovely! just found you recently (today) on another site (can't remember) and I"m so glad I did! love the first one the most and your birds are just lovely!

congratulations on the commission! how fab is that?!?!?!? and i can't wait to see more!

and these vogue covers are just fab. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more character and interest than the slick rick stuff i see every month on every single magazine EVER!

hope your weekend has been fab and productive! :)

Gorgeous covers and am so intrigued by the commission! Can't wait to see what you create dear Sam... ♥ Fingers are crossed on the contest but I gotta say I already went to see the other entries and clearly the competition is tough :) Can't wait to see what her name is.

Wishing you a lovely new week!

These vintage covers are gorgeous! Im glad you had a good creative weekend. Have a lovely merry week and love to you!

Those are lovely!
And oh, Mad Men. So addictive.

Great illustrations <3 Mad men is great!

these painterly Vogue covers are so nice! i love the vintage magazine look! I wonder why there are no magazines like this nowadays!

omg your blog is just simply stunning. Gorgeous! Thank you for making me smile! I love it!


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