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August 14, 2009


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haha, hilarious!

have a great weekend, my dearest Sam!

i'm not sure i understand it either sam! have a very happy weekend.

So funny Sam... not just the cartoon (very pretty too!) but your comment on feeling like one of those penguins when people talk about politics for too long. Just this morning, on the car ride into work, the carpool people were talking about politics and I kept thinking 'will this EVER end??' :D But of course I had to feign interest... heehe.

Wishing you a wonderful wonderful weekend! I'm working on certain questions now... ;) *bises*

haha!! Too funny...

And YOU are one darling girl!!

I like it! Long winded discussions about politics make my eyes glaze over and I drop like a penguin too! I really must find a copy of that book!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend Sam! Here right now the weather is warm, the skies are blue, and the birds are singing. Bliss! I'm now off to enjoy some sunshine :)

Tehehehe. I know what you mean about the politics talk. Totally get you. Along with being flat on my back like the penguins, I'd also have glazed eyes.

It happens to me all the time when I read The New Yorker - I wonder, "do I get it?" and suspect that if I did it would be hilarious...

hmmm, i don't think i get it either... but i'd definately be one of those penguins that buggered off!

btw, thank you for your kinds words about my brick, i'm feeling more positive today and it doesn't seem quite so high, phew... :)

hope you're having a fab weekend,

i love this cartoon!!! i adore the look of it, and politicians are gnerally HORRID, so it speaks to me!!! love it!!!

fab find, and i hope you are having a super weekend! :)

haha...I look like those penguins when i talk to my accountant! Bahhh*
Lovely weekend Sam darling!


when I first saw that cartoon, I had the same thought as you! Haha, poor penguins..
I love old cartoons. I found a book filled with vintage cartoons in an opshop not too long ago. Maybe I should blog about it.

Hope you had a nice weekend :)

thanks good cartoon - if he does many political cartoons maybe he's making fun of himself.

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