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August 27, 2009


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these are lovely!
beautiful drawings....

Lovely lovely illustrations dear Sam!!! I almost 'eek!'d when I saw the name CC on your post title... two of my favorite bloggers collaborating!! I adore the skirts especially... you can almost see them swaying. I'm off to read about Mad Men on CC's site and I feel bad bad for being so behind when it comes to the series. *pout here*

What fun, to be commissioned by someone else. It can be interesting to work with other people's ideas and tastes. Your illustrations are lovely as usual.

Hi Sam darling!
Firstly, I have to thank you for all the sweet & thoughtful words you left...mean so much to me & my baby!
Will have to check out CC & play catch up with this wonderful blog community! Cheers to our friendship Sam & have a lovely rest of the week...can you smell Friday already??? I kinda can...sniff-sniff ~YES!


Hi Sam,
I'm glad you didn't mind my popping 'un-named' up on my blog. Glad you enjoyed the Rose Seidler photos too.
What beautiful illustrations these are! I think I'll need to order them for myself.

Love! You are so freaking talented. Seriously.

Dear Sam, LOVELY illustrations! I really enjoy your art work. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

So pretty! I love those skirts especially.

Oooh yes...more Mad Men drawings please! Heading over to ccs...

Wonderful! Those full skirts are SO Betty :)


That's so cool! I absolutely adore the 2nd picture. Definitely my kind of dresses.

Wow, those skirts are just fabolous ♥

Sammmm! Omg, those are uber fab. Love. You have such a talent!

wonderful!! You capture the era perfectly. Love those full skirts!

I'd love a dress like that green one!! i love the flow of that skirt! ;)
happy endoftheweek!

What an excellent idea!! I really love the one of the skirts! CC is great!

I totally love the one with the flowing skirts!

wow, Sam. that's some fashion banquet!

AHMAZING! i'm definitely not going to miss that post. good job sam!

Thank you sooooo mcuh for these amazing illustrations, darling!

You are the best!


The moment I saw those prints on CC's blog, I knew they had to be by you. Loving them both, though the second one of the skirts is by far my favorite. Gorgeous, as always! :)

Ahhhh, I am absolutely in love with that second illustration dear!! Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

Thank you so much everyone!! Blushes all round!! And a huge thank you to the beautiful Couture Carrie - you're a sweet heart and thank you again for the opportunity to collaborate!! XXX

You are so talented! I love your work! X

oh, you've done it again! these are so fabulous! and i will run over and check out the cc post! :)

These are spectacular Sam! Especially the second drawing! I'll pop over to check out the CC blog now. It's the end of the week! Woohoo! Hope you have fun things planned for the weekend :)

Your drawings looked so lovely on the CC blog Sam! I popped back here to give you some SSS info, but maybe I should send you a convo rather than babbling away here ;D

Thanks for your kind words over at my blog. Your blog is gorgeous too! I also love your drawings.

Oh I love those skirts - just gorgeous.

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