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August 20, 2009


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I like the name Saga - it's means "fairytale" in swedish. i think she looks "fairytale".

red flowers is a very pretty print which i wouldn't mind pampering my wall with.


The first name that popped into my head was "Audrey". Thought it fitted the era/style of your print.

I love your bird-themed prints, esp. "hello beautiful". You're just so talented.

Penelope seems fitting! She would look great next to my "November Wallflowers"...

Sadie. She looks like a Sadie to me.

I find it difficult to choose another print - I'm smitten with both "November Wallflowers" and "A Little Love." They're both such remarkable works of art - in their own way, to be sure. I would take either of them. In fact, I would gladly accept any of your creations. You're such a talent! :)

I think I'd name her Simone and my all time favorite print from your shop is Virginia (

What a fun competition. :) This is tough! She sort of looks like she might be an Eleanor to me.

Oh, it's also hard to pick a favorite print from your shop! I really like Bella.

oh i'm not good at these but she is beautiful! what about stella? she looks like a stella :)

Love Sarah and her emerald green hat!
Will call this one: "Lily in Lime"

Gorgeous work, darling! Would love to win a piece!


P.S. Would you be interested in producing a "Mad Men"-inspired print for an upcoming CC post?

I'd name her Aurora it's my twin sister's middle name and i've always thought it was so beautiful. definitely meant for a dark headed beauty.

I would name her Beau. It seems exotic and elegant and i think it suits her and I would love your Pandora in Rouge print too!

Celeste. It just suits her I think.

I'd love the Little Robin print. Just too gorgeous.

How about Elise?
She's very good friends with Lesley, who I dare say is a journalist. Elise works in the typesetter's pool.

Something like... Betty? Betty in the Rain? Winter Betty?

I think Betty is Nancy's younger sister.

hmmmm....i am going to call it "consuella contemplates"!

pandora in rouge is a name of another one of your works -- super name!

Sylvie Willbe, wearing her new hat and with a deep sense of purpose she sets off to conquer the world of journalism! heehe... I tried Sam I tried... but not as good as you... But she looks like a smart stylish city girl don't you think?

(Awesome contest, by the way!)

Yikes! I just saw that katiecrackernuts went the journalist route too!!! Either we think all smart women are journalists or that really is her calling... :D

She's definately a Veronika. With a 'k' - she looks the type to insist upon it!

She'd look lovely with Alex.

When i look @ her...the name "Dawn" just pop up. :) She would look great with Little lemon drop. Thank you so much for this wonderful fun competition! Have a lovely merry happy day and a wonderful weekend! Love to you!

What a fun giveaway! I still love your "Backstage at the Follies." This one to me is "Claudette" b/c for some reason she reminds me of "It Happened On Night" starring Colbert...

I think she looks like a Lila :)

I love the Art Deco Millie print. Nice giveaway!

Am I too late? For some reason Cecily is the first name that pops into my head. And it's too hard to pick just one print that I like from your shop but I do love the "A little love" print with the mouse.

She's lovely and she immediately struck me as a Matilda so I'll go with that and I absolutely adore the Dove of Peace print!

Love your work, what a great contest :)

I thought of Ms. Peckenridge. Juliette Peckenridge. I love your Nancy prints, reminds me of my aunt.

Her name is Sukie!

i love the art deco pom pom print

This is a neat idea for a competition! My suggestion is Henriette (or Henrietta). My pick from your shop is Pandora in Rouge. Difficult to choose as I love so many!!! It will be fun to find out which name you decide on. Scrolling through your comments I see so many wonderful suggestions already! Hope you have a super weekend Sam. I hear it's meant to be 30c here today! Spring has sprung early! :D

Girl In Repose

Her name is Cinta...she grew up in the exotic island of Bali. It means 'Love'in Sanskrit ...she love mangoes- she eats mangoes naked- lick the juice off her arms... She has her PhD in Chemistry- doing major research in the love chemistry dept! From your Etsy- I adore the bird series...all!

Lovely weekend Sam!

Hmmm, I'm thinking Camille for this one...but my favorite print in your Etsy Shop is of Ruby and Jade.It reminds me of good times and laughter with my best friend...fabulous!

I think you should call her Samline! Line is a danish girlname.

I really enjoyed you Etsy Shop and love the name Margurita too.

Love JM ;-)

When I first looked at the lovely lady, the name Agatha popped into my mind!
- I adore your Boho Babe painting, I truly do!

My idea was also Agatha....but as the lady above me (just too late!) got there before, I choose Greta. I think she is more of an Agatha though. My choice from your shop? Louise.

Oooo fantastic giveaway! I would name her Hemingway - due to the 20s feel, her slight androgyny and just because it feels right. My choice from your shop? Joan!

the first name that came to me was Miss Viviane! she's very pretty and has lots of style ... I'd choose any of your birds, they are wonderful!

I think Esmerelda!

And i love your shop - my fave is Pandora in rouge. Beautiful.x

Margaret, girl on the train. She's dressed in green and thrilled, on holiday through France, Italy and Central Europe.

I think I'd choose a print of Nancy.

Lovely. She looks like an Elspeth to me!

(I love that Louise print in your shop as it reminds me strongly of the wonderful Clara Bow). ^__^

Her name would certaintly be "Pâquerette" (she is as fresh as a daisy).
If it is true she doen't speak too much -she is a little bit shy because she is still young but she will become very inquisitive as time goes on- and she prefers to listen first and observe the world..
She is also clever and intelligent (you can see it in her eyes). No doubt she will become someone important in the career she'll choose!

Anyway; your illustrations are really nice. I especially love the cats (because I am craaazy of cats)!
I'll come back to visit your blog!

Her name is certainly "Eleanor".
Longer title would be "Eleanor in the city".
Your illustrations are priceless!

the moment i saw her i knew she should be called 'Eliza'... a name that suggests there is something fiesty bubbling under that demure exterior... like you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of this lady, cause it wouldn't be pretty... ;)

and i have to say my most favourite drawing in your wee shop just now is 'Joan'... i love her red floral corsage and the whole composition of this piece... :)

oh, and Spanner is truly blushing after your outpouring of love and adoration for him...
i, on the other hand, am quite pleased that you're half way around the world and i don't have to worry about any dog-knapping... ;)

hope you're having a great day my dear,

I'd call her Louisa.

Also, I'm in love with the Mitsy print, as well as the Water Nymph. :) Gorgeous!

Oops - I typed my website wrong. Here's the right one. :P

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