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August 29, 2009


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So thrilled!!!
Thank you so much Sam!
I can't wait to receive your artwork & have it at home...
Meanwhile thank you also for this whimsical-dreamy world of Movchanart.
~Lovely weekend to you!


Cinta! The Indonesian word for "love"... and I love it!
hope you're having a great weekend

Thank you Lenore!! XX

Anna - I had no idea - that's truly delightful to know!!

I love the style of these. The bunny one is particularly captivating.

congratulations Lenore!

and i'm not surprised you like these paintings Sam, what with all the furry wee pals... ;)

Congratulations to Lenore and I very much agree with your choice! Cinta is such mysterious and exotic name :) I also adore Yanina Movchan's work... cats and rabbits. *sigh*

Wishing you a lovely weekend dearest Sam! *bises*

Congrats to Lenore!!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, S!


oh, lucky luckY lv!!!

and i love the work of this artist!!! JUST SUPER!!!

Love these- especially the bunny!

This art is whimsically wonderful...the one with the cherub is a fav...

It's Cat-urday! LOL. sorry, i just heard that term, and I can't seem to stop...

Congrats to the winner!

Lucky Lenore! Cinta is a sweet name and suits wonderfully!

I like these artworks. The subject matter being bunnies and cats certainly helps! Hope your weekend has been blissful Sam :)

oh that marvelous bunny!!

congratulations Lenore!!! great name and what a fabulous prize!

The fluffy cats! The bunny! Ahhh!!!

lenore's so creative!

Oh, by the way, you have an award over at my blog! :)

Darn! I really wanted to win this one ;) Never mind. Congrats to the winner. Very lucky lady.

The Flemish still life with the kitty made me laugh so hard! That's how I feel like after a particularly starchy, piggy long lunch!

awww...Lucky sweetiepie Lenore!! haha,she totally deserves it! I LOVE these pieces...they are amazing and will go check the etsy store out immediately. I adore the Cranky Persians with wings the most...adorable.(said in a french accent)

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