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August 17, 2009


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Ooh, I want to go for a walk there! Looks lovely. :)

oh these are just gorgeous sam! i'd love to visit sydney one day...

So gorgeous! I love the bright sun and blue skies.

What a gorgeous neighborhood, darling! These pics are stunning!


I am dying to go to Australia. I'm going to have to discuss this with my husband tonight. :)

nice the one with the huge clock and the one with the bridge :)

Sam, i love those pictures...such a gorgeous city!! Oh my and look at those fav! Hope you had a great weekend and love to you!

That is one amazing clock! Adore the two charming looking fishes...
Thanks for the beautiful city tour, Sam!


love your sunday snaps! have a lovely week, sam!

I want to go to Luna Park! Even though I've been to Sydney I haven't visited Luna Park. I think it may have been closed when I was last there. Or maybe it was something else closed that I wanted to visit and now I'm muddled up...

Love the pretty tulips! I'm constantly amazed at the lovely variety of flowers in bloom at the moment considering it's winter. Hope you're having a wonderful week Sam. Filled with lots of stopping to smell the flowers and all that :)

This looks amazing! I would love to visit Sydney someday :)

looks like a good day, it was really hot on Sunday wasnt it? I went into customs house on Monday for the first time since we moved here.... love the glass floor with the model map of Sydney under it! All the newspapers too... superb way to spend the afternoon.

good god it is farking gorgeous there! i wish i was enjoying it RIGHT NOW! man, someday i hope to. fingers crossed.

if only i could teleport there for free. not a huge fan of flying. :(

Such a gorgeous city Sam... must visit. I love the name 'Luna Park' very romantic.

I'd love to come up to Sydney again - i always have fun there :)

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