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July 30, 2009


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wow, this is really cool!

I'm so happy for you Sam!
It's always so exciting to work with other artists, i'm sure...


waaaahh sam! yours look soooo good!!! i love your prints and the little cat badge hehe!


Good to see you finally listed some in your Etsy shop ;) A big congrats on the first issue Sam. I love the little extras you all have been including with the zines. Great idea! And I'm looking forward to receiving my zine pack from you! Very happy to have scored a cute kitty badge with mine :)

I went to buy and they're gone!! :^I Was I too late?

While there though I saw the backstage and the follies girls... I adore! Have you blogged about it yet? Such awesome creations you have Sam.

I'm backtracking to search for those follies girls.xo

Cat badge!
I love your little packs. Very sweet. I love your Maurice Chevalier card, I sent it to my Step Father for his birthday, he thought it was funny too.

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