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July 23, 2009


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Hello Harry! You're just lovely! Must get hold of The Life of Birds sometime soon, too!xx

HARRY!!! oh, harry, how i want to pet thee and play with thee!!!!

harry is GORGEOUS!!

Oh Harry...those eyessss!
Sam, one of my Pugs is named Hari...after the famous spy Mata-Hari! My neighbor is another whenever I call my pug, my neighbor thinks I'm calling him! bahhh...;)

Harry!!! His little pouting mouth is so cute :)

Oh man, that picture of Harry frightens me a bit. @_@

oh man, harry is a cutie pie, even if he is trying to look tough!

Well hello handsome Harry! He does look a bit scary but I'll take your word for it that he's not! I love the thought of Harry talking to his friend Fred. You'll have to snap a photo next time they're having a chat. My cat Linus (passed away last year...:( also liked lizards. In a very different way to Harry though. Naughty Linus!

Thanks so much for posting that pelican pic on your fabulous blog! It doesn't matter that you find taking photos of birds difficult when you can draw them so beautifully Sam! xo

harry is darling and love that you describe him as a person (so how i feel about my dogs too!) also, pelicans are great and this photo captures them so well.

Harry both looks and sounds brilliant - he's a Persian, right? They all look a bit scary, but I've heard that some of them have got some interesting personalities. Your description of him is very funny! Tell Harry from me that I love David Attenborough, too - I grew up with his shows and always was fascinated with how close he would get to the animals.
Btw, thank you so much for your comment on my bird drawing; it meant a lot coming from you. I just showed my mom your art, and she thinks you're really good (and she's actually pretty good herself, with perspective and anatomy and stuff).

Harry is adorable Sam!!! That face...♥♥ He has a Lizard friend? George would probably love a Lizard friend. After reading your post I had to go find my George and give him a kiss. I'm such a cat lady.

Must find 'The Life Of Birds' now, and I love Tracey's photography! And you're right, birds are such hard subjects. :)

Harry is just a litttttle bit frightening. He kind of looks like he wants to eat my face. Or at least my soul!

hahaha I really like that Harry!

Aww I hope Harry is not too lonely without Fred. He certainly sounds like a charming character :) Ooh and what an absolutely delightful photograph, I am loving the pelican.

haha, he looks scary but with all that fur he must be the cuddliest thing on earth!

and thanks for your little package, just received it. so sweet with the extras - got all excited with all those pretty birds!

have a lovely weekend, sam!


Hahahahha! I love this photo- I think by nature, cats have a god given talent at slapstick comedy- particularly their "I meant to do that" attitude.

Look at that face! It's funny how cats look rather mean on pictures. Like no matter how cute they just looked, the second you take the photo it's grumpy-face-time =)
The story about Fred and Harry is just endearing!
And I must compliment your taste in animal films! David's are breathtaking! Morten and I enjoyed the series 'Planet Earth' very much!

This picture of Harry is *amazing*. I know it's just the orange glow, but I think the caption for this photo should be, "I hate everyone." That makes me laugh. He's a cutie!

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