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July 03, 2009


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I can relate to your secret desire! It's my dream to live in a cute brownstone in New York!!!

Yippee for Friday! Have a super weekend! :)

Wondeful photos you've found, Sam! I totally share your passion for NY! That's probably why I'll be visting the Big Apple for the fourth time very soon =)

Gorgeous photos you chose! i spent five weeks in NY for my honeymoon and i dream of going back!

New York is the best and that pictures are great. Mika

Such stunning photos Sam!! I too, long to go back as I haven't been to NY in such a long time. I remember we went to Carnegie Hall and the Russian Tea Room for dinner afterwards. Sigh...

I love NY and miss it too. I visited San Francisco this week (on a very short holiday) and though it was nice it made me think of my favorite city.

Thank you so much for the holiday wishes... tomorrow we BBQ here and watch the fireworks from a nearby display.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!xo

new york, i love that city too. hope your secret desire will come true soon - if you need a travel partner let me know : ) xx.

That Conde Nast has some fav stuff don't they...and you know your idea about the road trip across the usa...well i have that on my wish list as well!

Aw, great photos! I'd love to visit New York!

Tracy, obviously we're on the same page here! A brownstone would do very nicely thank you! Have a lovely weekend!

Oh Susann Romy! You lucky thing! ...and for the fourth time too! I'm preaching to the converted here I think!

Thank you Diana - they are pretty retro fantastic, aren't they? I think you've just described my idea of heaven - five weeks in New York for a honeymoon!

Thank you so much Mika - say hello to young Puk for me!

Cate, you went to Carnegie Hall and the Russian Tea Room: sounds like you had a ball! Just the names alone are so steeped in history and style - New York really is one of the cultural hubs of the world I think!

Gabbi - San Francisco is definitely one of those places to visit on my road trip across America! I can't wait to see your post about it! I had a flatmate who was from San Fran and she said Sydney was a little like her city...I think it's the hills possibly and the harbour of course too.

Thank you Miriam! I'll definitely give you a bell when I go! I don't think New York would be as much fun alone...

Ah! Chrisy! A road trip across America - wouldn't it be the trip of a lifetime? I've always thought that as the states are just so different culturally and geographically it'd be like travelling to completely different countries!

Thank you Parapluie! I'm looking forward to your post on France which is another of those destinations that make me go weak at the knees!

I think your idea of a roadtrip around America sounds fantastic. I think that's the best way to see America.

I've added you to my links. Hope you don't mind. I just really enjoy coming to your blog!

i hope your dream comes true! i'd love to take that kind of road trip across the u.s., too. it would be fun, especially if there were no time or money limitations. ahhhhh. wouldn't that be nice?!?!?

i've only been to nyc one time, and it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!

Thanks so much Ana! I enjoy surfing your blog too!

That would be the best - I agree Drollgirl! No financial restraints or time restraints - just being an explorer!

I sure agree on the roadtrip thingie but most likely that's never going to happend but New York is on my top three cities to visit!

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