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July 26, 2009


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How I adore your 'rosy-cheeks' trademark! Gabbi is truly a sweetheart, isn't she?! Anyway, stay warm & dry...I sometimes forget some part of the world are having the winter... It's been hot here, I'm so ready for fall!

I pretty much just want to reserve an entire wall in my apartment for your art ;)

they are BEAUTIFUL!!! and i love little miss gabbi, too, and her beautiful blog.

hope you are having a good one! lucky you with the rain. it is so hot here that it feels like i am an inch away from the sun. ugh. i hate the heat.

anywhooooooooooooo, have a fab day!

p.s. i think i would still settle for travis fimmel in his 'mere mortal' stage. although i would have rather had him in his calvin klein glory days. god. i would gobble him up! :)

Thank you Lenore! Yes, my gals are all healthy out doorsy types who have rosy red cheeks! Good luck in that heat - I trust it will abate soon and you guys get some much needed wiffs of Autumnal cool soon.

Gosh Tara - high praise indeed form you oh stylish one! XX

Thank you Drollgirl! That sounds ghastly by the way - tell that sun to ramp it down a few notches - it's too much to come on over and settle in your yard like that. Travis? Maybe we could do a whip round and buy him transport to your house for your B'day? I'd be into that! It's the least we could do for all that awesome blogging you do!

lovely illustrations you got here ;)

I'm with Tara dear Sam! Such gorgeous new illustrations... I adore Boho Babe and Backstage at the Bolshoi is amazingly lovely. I definitely see the slight worry in her eyes... wonder what the gossip was about?? :D

Also, thank you so much for the mention and the kind words.♥ I'm forever a fan of your work. Hope you've had a great weekend and wishing you an even better week!xo

Love the ballerinas and the back story!

I love both of these but I have to say that Boho Babe is my fave of all your lovely ladies so far!!! It's nice that you're able to find a positive in the rain. I struggle to do that! I can relate to liking an excuse for not having to leave the house though :)

I saw your lovely artwork on your friend Gabbi's blog yesterday. Wanted to ask you something but I've now forgotten what it was. If I remember I'll pop back later. I've misplaced my brain. Again. Hope your week is off to a good start Sam!

I love the 2nd picture! The dresses are so lovely.

I love Boho Babe! She looks very determined! Like 'I don't care about what others think, I will succeed!' I'm also a fan of her hairdo!
I would also have loved to be part of the backstage gossip. Looks juicy!
I missed hanging around your blog, time to catch up!

it keep threatening to rain here, but alas, there's nothing.
love these, especially the first artistic girl. she kind of remind me of myself in my early 20's (that sounded egotistical, not how i meant it!)

gabbi is amazing!
and so is your work. Boho babe - me love!

It has been raining rather hard here in London too, although I suppose that's a typical British summer! Wow, Boho Babe is so pretty :) Hope you managed to have a beautiful weekend, annnd I linked you in my sidebar.

Thank you Clau! Nice to meet you!!

Dear Gabbi - thank you! XX I think the two ballerinas are gossiping about some scandal involving the prima ballerina and the lead - for sure!

Thank you The Clothes Horse!

Gosh Tracy! That's a bit wow - that you think Boho Babe is your fave! ...and to think she was a second thought end of the day fun drawing too! I'm up for questions any time you remember them!! Have a lovely week too! XX

Amelia - thank you! Knowing your fine sense of style, I'd say the ballerinas are very flattered!

Susann! Welcome back - and long time no see! Thank you and I will pop over to your blog immediately - no doubt there is some delectable dish for me to drool over!! XX

Christina - I know what you mean - I can see you being an arty uni student totally! I love her hair too actually and am very envious of it!

Thank you Miriam - I must pop over to your blog to see if that young man with the fish won the competition.... :) Have a lovely week! XX

Dapper Kid - many thanks!! My first London blog pal - totally awesome! Now I can live in London vicariously through you!! Hope you had a great weekend too!

I love their expressions, especially in the second drawing. They look like they are up to no good, in the best way.

Hieee Sam!! Missed you while i was away. :) Im catching up on your all the posts i missed...loving them! Your work are always sooo sweet and lovely. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

More gorgeous gals here! Have you read the Phryne Fisher Mystery series from Kerry Greenwood...think you'd love them...

I wanted to be a ballerina just like those gossipy Bolshoi ballerinas! But I never got past the floor exercises.

Havent seen u for a while!;) *cough*

Ur work is pretty, u are so talented. Ur shop is really lovely!

It's raining so hard here that I can barely hear the tv ( which is maybe 6 feet away at most)

I simply adore BoHo Babe. Such hope in her eyes- I certainly connect with that wonderful piece of art.

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