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July 14, 2009


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i think Lesley will have to move in with me! she'd like it here : )

I love your Mod girl! Such eyes and style... whenever I hear the world 'Mod' I think of the 'Hard Days Night' quote of 'Are You A Mod Or A Rocker?' 'I'm A Mocker'... sorry, but isn't that a classic?

Hope you've had a lovely Monday dear Sam!xxo

I think Lesley would like that very much Miriam - she's very partial to stylish gals!

Gabbi!! That's such an awesome quote! I've got a great big smile on my face as a result!! Hope you have a terrific week too sweetie! XXOO

Wonderful!! She is like a neo-mod-suffragette! I always dig women in men's attire. You might have already done this at some point on your blog [if so, I would love the link to the post], but I was wondering about your creation-process. For example, what materials you use, how you decide what to create next, etc.

oh, this is so cool!!! i LOVE the mod inspiration -- it is so fab, and you have definitely captured it so well!

Great look; mod always appeals to me absractly but I never seem to be able to pull it off myself...

This is a timeless look isn't it...and those could drown in those...

Lesley is lovely! I can imagine all of the scooterboys falling head over heals for her! I'm a big fan of the mod period and wish I was a youngster during that time. Oooh the cool fashion, the delicious northern soul music and of course those spiffy scooterboys!

I wish I had more 60s-style clothes. Those were good fashion, that is.

Every week I'm sure I have found my favorite drawing of yours. And then you hit us with your weekend work on Mondays/Tuesdays and I'm all torn. Lesley looks stunning! You also picked the perfect name!

Great drawing! And ooh, I love those leggings in the first photo - I need some of those.

I dunno how you manage to be so productive...drawing is stunning as always!

very gamine chic. i love the tie.

love your blog, your illustrations are amazing!

I'm so glad you dropped by my side of the blog. Thank you! & now I found your beautiful blog! I'm instantly CHARMED! Hope it's ok, I've added you to my blog as well!
I will definitely visit you again & spend more time in your archives...FAB*


Yay re the photos arriving! Finally! Perhaps they took a detour via NZ! The others to follow may travel through Malaysia first, and then turn up in Ausgust ;) Thought I'd pop back here to leave this message as it seemed like a good excuse to admire your lovely Lesley again xo

She's cool! Just the right look on her face. Hmm, what became of Twiggy, by the way? I always become a bit mesmerized by all that mascara, but I still wish I would look that good with short hair...

Can't wait to cut my hair like that!!!! Mika

Neo-mod-suffraget! A terrific description Tara! I love it! Yes, I should really do a this is what I do and use post - I did do one a while back on the tools of my trade but I didn't tag the post very well and I'm finding it difficult to locate!

Thank you Drollgirl - very nice of you to say so!

A very good point The Clothes Horse. It's a little tricky to pull off really well because the clothes are so unforgiving. There's absolutely no room to hide in a pencil straight mini dress!

Gorgeous eyes, aren't they Chrisy?

Wow Tracy you sound like a true fan of that whole era! Whenever I think of Mods I think of the fights they used to have in Brighton with the Rockers. And of course I think of the film "Quadraphenia".

I think you'd look very fetching in a 60s mini Amelia!

Thank you Susann Romy! Blushes all round!

Aren't those leggings amazing Rebecca! I think they are suspenders actually! How cool is that? Woollen suspenders!

Thank you, thank you Alexandra!!

Yes, Christina - the tie is a real kipper tie! You don't see them around any more do you? Thank you too by the way!

Many thanks PinkBow! :)

Ooh! Lenore thank you so much! You've got a gorgeous blog yourself - a real compliment! I look forward to exploring it too!

Ha ha Tracy! You're too funny! ...and your photos are super pretty by the way!

Trudi - Twiggy - she's actually on British telly quite a bit these days. The last thing she did I think was Britain's next top model or dancing with the stars or something similar! She also models a bit for people like Marks and Sparks...?

Oooh! Mika - you'd look gorgeous with a short crop! Say "hello" to young Puk for me!!

i could look at their photos forever, those! And i love the drawing of lesley sam! Gorgeous!!

I love her...what a gorgeous drawing!

Thank you so much Helena - you're a sweetie! They are gorgeous photos for sure!

Thank you so much Hanako!

love this illustration - the colours are great :)

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